UFOlogy: Dead In A Ditch No. 2

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous. Just when you thought you had heard all the bullshit stories. This one, comes along. Now some of you may have never heard of this guy, he haunts the world of psychics, mediums and crop circles, mainly. On my other blog, circularstateofmind.wordpress.com, I have long pointed at his claims and laughed. In response, I got death threats and abuse. (Police investigation still pending)

Now, some UFO stories are very strange and jarringly out of context. Some are just plain weird. The tale I am about to re-blog from Robbert van den Broeke, is just plain ridiculous. Robbert has some supporters in the “research” community. His number one fan is Nancy Talbott of the BLT research group. She trumpets Robbert and his, er, output, at every available opportunity. Yet, to this observer, I think the guy is a charlatan. Anyway, this is the latest tale from Robbert, translated from his Dutch blog.

Meeting with aliens and lagging body parts

In the night of 26 had been on June 27 Robbert still with Roy to the crop circle in Zevenbergen, when she felt the circle formation and presence Robbert walked before Robbert had told Roy said he felt that they were viewed.

Robbert then saw in his mind octopus-like creatures with tentacles. At home (Roy was at his own home) Robbert immediately got an uneasy feeling. Robbert suddenly got a strong urge to go outside and was drawn to a lawn near airport Seppen. When Robbert arrived there he saw an egg-like object in the sky, it was an egg on its side (horizontal). The ship shone like a gold light.

When Robbert in the field, he saw that the object was hanging just above the field about 15 meters. Robbert walked the field and then came out of the boat a kind of luminous ball which seemed to explode (but not literally so) and suddenly started two bodies came from the bulb to turn and landed on the ground. When she saw came to a standstill Robbert octopus-like creatures right before him. As he had seen them in mind, but really physical (physical). They had a pear-shaped head with almond-shaped eyes and the chest and back were tentacles.

The legs seemed reptilian and they looked slippery from Robbert felt a loving connection. Robbert felt he telepathically was invited to become one of them to. Robbert found this frankly scary because they come from another planet and he was not sure what kind of bacteria would sit on it but then felt that it was still good and that the creatures are clean. Robbert then hit one of the tentacles gently.

When Robbert felt clearly the message that he has a bridge to let people get used to prevent various aliens and racial discrimination. There was one large octupus being which was quite large and one smaller that resembled a child orphans and they smelled like fish. Robbert then felt that the creatures through gifts that they had to leave again and got through that they would leave something behind him, then a kind of light around the creatures and the bodies were turning very quickly as a tornado. Robbert was shocked because there were flying all tentacles of a being divided off scattered across the field came down. Robbert touched panicked and thought early in the creatures’ Are you all right now, or is it wrong? ” because Robbert realized that they were dematerialization. When Robbert by the tentacles as a souvenir and as evidence left behind, that he does not need to worry because these tentacles grow automatically return to these creatures. It will grow in their almost immediately, the body recover faster than most creatures on earth. These body parts are so deliberately left behind. Robbert also felt that the beings no pain experienced when issuing their bodily material.

Then shot the rotating bodies back into the big egg-shaped object, and it was just very bright luminous and suddenly disappeared into nothing like a TV was turned off. Robbert looked around on the ground and everywhere he saw the tentacles, he walked to his motorcycle and he knew in his trunk saw a plastic bag and grabbed the plastic bag on the tentacles. Robbert was not sure he had all the tentacles and was planning further searching the field but heard and suddenly felt he had everything.

Once home spread Robbert 2 garbage bags on the ground to enforce the tentacles, taking pictures and filming. The highly penetrating air penetrated the living room. Robbert was worried that the tentacles by the instantaneous heat would begin a process of decay or perhaps would solve because it is not known on what material they are made exactly. Robbert decided to do the tentacles in plastic bags (sealed) and freezing them.

Robbert want the tentacles now have scientific studies on organic level (which it is made), and the DNA, because the DNA of these tentacles probably provide evidence of extraterrestrial life (alien DNA). Robbert understands that this event and the remaining material can be perceived as violent, for some people even as unreal. He did this in the first place, therefore, not bringing forth, but he felt that the beings want it anyway shared word and especially scientific research (for DNA) will be very important. Nancy Talbott has already indicated lookup to go to an appropriate scientist.

The tentacles are safe now (somewhere else than at Robbert) housed and frozen. Robbert is willing to show these tentacles to people, scientists and journalists on request.

Below are pictures of the tentacles that might get Robbert in the night of 26 on June 27. Robbert has also made drawings of what the creatures looked like, which you can also see below.


Now, looking at the pictures, they look a lot like bog-standard, run-of-the-mill squid limbs. Available at most good fishmongers. Maybe I am being too logical about this. Maybe ETs would arrive on Earth with a bag-full of body-parts as a form of proof of their existence. Maybe I’m the idiot here. But what amazed me, is again, so many people blindly believing such a stupid story. But hey, if we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel with this nonsense, then surely the only way for UFOlogy is up! Right!?…. Right?

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