About The Truth Hides…

The idea of this blog was to document my use of the Freedom of Information Act to gain information that the Government has about UFOs and the politics involved in this.  There is a continual battle of information regarding the topic of UFOs and I will cover the media angle too. I hope to point in the direction of any interesting resources I may come across and would love to hear from you.

But as the files being held by the MoD are being released I decided to widen the scope of this blog to include things that I think needed just as much attention as the UFO/Exopolitic information.

I hope you enjoy it…

You can email me at redandy92@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “About The Truth Hides…

  1. Hi Andy
    This is a fab web site. So well written and documented. Wish there were more people like you in the world. Thanks again and keep it going. We need shit stuff more than ever. Love Kerry xxxx

  2. PS so sorry don’t know what happened there but I meant to say ‘this stuff ‘not ‘shit stuff’…..I/m still laughing…Sorry it’s the change…..hehehehehehehehehe…..

  3. Hi Andy, really enjoyed your lecture at UFOData conference, thought it was superb. Can’t wait to see you in Birmingham

    All the best

    Craig (BUFOG)

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