UFOlogy: Dead in a ditch?

Over there is a shallow ditch. In it, is the festering body of UFOlogy. Look, there’s someone poking it with a stick…

This is all started, for me at least, with the Ray Santilli “Autopsy” footage. Then we has Dr. Greer and his “Sirius” film and now the Roswell Slides fiasco. It goes a little something like this: someone “discovers” some footage or artifact that alludes to actual evidence of ET. Then we have the media build-up before the big reveal. Then after the big reveal (and everyone has paid their money) it is exposed as a fraud/hoax/mis-interpretation.
Of course, money will have changed hands along the way, no-ones doing this for free. But the majority of UFO enthusiasts only have themselves to blame. Not many really do the research, not many will perform the due diligence on what is being sold to them, and in fact are too in awe of these “names” to dare to question. (In fact I am reminded of an incident, at a UFO conference here in the UK, where someone brought a bucket of stones that were claimed came from the Roswell crash site. The stones were handed out, people started fondling them, some people were claiming they were feeling something, or picking up some vibes from the incident, emotions were displayed, one woman started to cry etc. Then it was revealed that in fact the stones came from the local garden centre. We’re too quick to believe).
For some, UFOlogy is a career, and to keep fuelling that career they must keep producing more and more fantastic material to keep them in the spotlight. We’ve just witnessed a group of people plunder the remains of a dead body in an attempt to prove that Roswell and all that goes with it actually happened. Of course that wasn’t their only concern. No, money was part of the deal too. Now we’re left with the whole Roswell story being horribly tainted by this unsavoury affair.
The whole subject is tainted by the sensationalist approach that puts a good story above factual evidence. Dozens and dozens of websites now exist just peddling sensationalist nonsense just to get visitors. Yet, someone has just discovered pages and pages of untapped UFO files, and the crowd went mild.
There is also some wonderful stuff on the recent events on Jack Brewer’s blog
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence…

3 thoughts on “UFOlogy: Dead in a ditch?

  1. Couldn’t agree more. This should be the death knell for commercial ufology. Of course that will not happen. I love the story of the stones brought to a UFO conference. Commercial ufologists are scam artists and their rubes, the Mulderites, deserve to be fleeced, if for nothing more than sheer stupidity.

  2. No! ufology is not dead. There is a future for ufology. I am a ufo researcher my self. Astronauts them selves see ufos and there are multiple ufo sightings so ufology is not dead. If you want ufology to be legit then you have to accept ETH is just one theory of many and while not discarding the ETH, at least moving onwards, upwards, and outwards.

    1. I think the trouble is, from my point of view, a lack of credible researchers and too many “researchers” who spout theories with no credible evidence. The Roswell Slides fiasco being a case in point.

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