Truth Decay

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a subject close to my heart. It probably isn’t something most people think about until they have to start digging to find some truth. In the UK, there is currently a review taking place to explore whether there should be curbs on the FOIA. In fact, for a number of years, some senior politicians, high ranking police officers and a whole host of the great and the good have been musing out loud whether the FOIA should be reigned in. Now, they are getting their chance.

One of the main issues I have with the review is that it is hardly independent. One of the members of the review is Jack Straw, who has previously made many comments in regards to restricting the reach of FOIA. Most other members of the review are senior politicians, all of who have a vested interest in the FOIA being hamstrung. In fact, by limiting of the FOIA we would lose one of the tools that forces a certain amount of transparency of those in power.

Of course, those in power already have their tricks to stop nosey outsiders asking too many questions. Many Government departments have adopted instant messaging systems that prevent a paper-trail. Many Government departments just plainly deny certain documents exist only to “find” them again when it suits them to do so.

Limiting the power of the FOIA will simply send a message that we, the people, have no right to question the actions and authority of those in power. How does this tie into UFOs? Well, the MoD have been getting themselves in a right mess with the documents they claim to hold. They previously claimed that they had released all their files, only to reveal that in fact, they still have lots of files. Of course, Messrs Pope and Clarke have rushed out and started mumbling about the process of releasing the files being “stalled” and such nonsense. In fact, as I have so often said, what the MoD have released is the tip of a very large iceberg. Limiting the scope of the FOIA would suit the MoD down to the ground. In fact, I think I can hear the paper shredders from here.

Our ability to ask questions, no matter what subject, is crucial to a functioning democracy. In George Orwell’s unpublished preface to Animal Farm, he defined liberty as: “the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”.

UFOlogy: Dead In A Ditch No. 2

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous. Just when you thought you had heard all the bullshit stories. This one, comes along. Now some of you may have never heard of this guy, he haunts the world of psychics, mediums and crop circles, mainly. On my other blog,, I have long pointed at his claims and laughed. In response, I got death threats and abuse. (Police investigation still pending)

Now, some UFO stories are very strange and jarringly out of context. Some are just plain weird. The tale I am about to re-blog from Robbert van den Broeke, is just plain ridiculous. Robbert has some supporters in the “research” community. His number one fan is Nancy Talbott of the BLT research group. She trumpets Robbert and his, er, output, at every available opportunity. Yet, to this observer, I think the guy is a charlatan. Anyway, this is the latest tale from Robbert, translated from his Dutch blog.

Meeting with aliens and lagging body parts

In the night of 26 had been on June 27 Robbert still with Roy to the crop circle in Zevenbergen, when she felt the circle formation and presence Robbert walked before Robbert had told Roy said he felt that they were viewed.

Robbert then saw in his mind octopus-like creatures with tentacles. At home (Roy was at his own home) Robbert immediately got an uneasy feeling. Robbert suddenly got a strong urge to go outside and was drawn to a lawn near airport Seppen. When Robbert arrived there he saw an egg-like object in the sky, it was an egg on its side (horizontal). The ship shone like a gold light.

When Robbert in the field, he saw that the object was hanging just above the field about 15 meters. Robbert walked the field and then came out of the boat a kind of luminous ball which seemed to explode (but not literally so) and suddenly started two bodies came from the bulb to turn and landed on the ground. When she saw came to a standstill Robbert octopus-like creatures right before him. As he had seen them in mind, but really physical (physical). They had a pear-shaped head with almond-shaped eyes and the chest and back were tentacles.

The legs seemed reptilian and they looked slippery from Robbert felt a loving connection. Robbert felt he telepathically was invited to become one of them to. Robbert found this frankly scary because they come from another planet and he was not sure what kind of bacteria would sit on it but then felt that it was still good and that the creatures are clean. Robbert then hit one of the tentacles gently.

When Robbert felt clearly the message that he has a bridge to let people get used to prevent various aliens and racial discrimination. There was one large octupus being which was quite large and one smaller that resembled a child orphans and they smelled like fish. Robbert then felt that the creatures through gifts that they had to leave again and got through that they would leave something behind him, then a kind of light around the creatures and the bodies were turning very quickly as a tornado. Robbert was shocked because there were flying all tentacles of a being divided off scattered across the field came down. Robbert touched panicked and thought early in the creatures’ Are you all right now, or is it wrong? ” because Robbert realized that they were dematerialization. When Robbert by the tentacles as a souvenir and as evidence left behind, that he does not need to worry because these tentacles grow automatically return to these creatures. It will grow in their almost immediately, the body recover faster than most creatures on earth. These body parts are so deliberately left behind. Robbert also felt that the beings no pain experienced when issuing their bodily material.

Then shot the rotating bodies back into the big egg-shaped object, and it was just very bright luminous and suddenly disappeared into nothing like a TV was turned off. Robbert looked around on the ground and everywhere he saw the tentacles, he walked to his motorcycle and he knew in his trunk saw a plastic bag and grabbed the plastic bag on the tentacles. Robbert was not sure he had all the tentacles and was planning further searching the field but heard and suddenly felt he had everything.

Once home spread Robbert 2 garbage bags on the ground to enforce the tentacles, taking pictures and filming. The highly penetrating air penetrated the living room. Robbert was worried that the tentacles by the instantaneous heat would begin a process of decay or perhaps would solve because it is not known on what material they are made exactly. Robbert decided to do the tentacles in plastic bags (sealed) and freezing them.

Robbert want the tentacles now have scientific studies on organic level (which it is made), and the DNA, because the DNA of these tentacles probably provide evidence of extraterrestrial life (alien DNA). Robbert understands that this event and the remaining material can be perceived as violent, for some people even as unreal. He did this in the first place, therefore, not bringing forth, but he felt that the beings want it anyway shared word and especially scientific research (for DNA) will be very important. Nancy Talbott has already indicated lookup to go to an appropriate scientist.

The tentacles are safe now (somewhere else than at Robbert) housed and frozen. Robbert is willing to show these tentacles to people, scientists and journalists on request.

Below are pictures of the tentacles that might get Robbert in the night of 26 on June 27. Robbert has also made drawings of what the creatures looked like, which you can also see below.

Now, looking at the pictures, they look a lot like bog-standard, run-of-the-mill squid limbs. Available at most good fishmongers. Maybe I am being too logical about this. Maybe ETs would arrive on Earth with a bag-full of body-parts as a form of proof of their existence. Maybe I’m the idiot here. But what amazed me, is again, so many people blindly believing such a stupid story. But hey, if we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel with this nonsense, then surely the only way for UFOlogy is up! Right!?…. Right?

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UFOlogy: Dead in a ditch?

Over there is a shallow ditch. In it, is the festering body of UFOlogy. Look, there’s someone poking it with a stick…

This is all started, for me at least, with the Ray Santilli “Autopsy” footage. Then we has Dr. Greer and his “Sirius” film and now the Roswell Slides fiasco. It goes a little something like this: someone “discovers” some footage or artifact that alludes to actual evidence of ET. Then we have the media build-up before the big reveal. Then after the big reveal (and everyone has paid their money) it is exposed as a fraud/hoax/mis-interpretation.
Of course, money will have changed hands along the way, no-ones doing this for free. But the majority of UFO enthusiasts only have themselves to blame. Not many really do the research, not many will perform the due diligence on what is being sold to them, and in fact are too in awe of these “names” to dare to question. (In fact I am reminded of an incident, at a UFO conference here in the UK, where someone brought a bucket of stones that were claimed came from the Roswell crash site. The stones were handed out, people started fondling them, some people were claiming they were feeling something, or picking up some vibes from the incident, emotions were displayed, one woman started to cry etc. Then it was revealed that in fact the stones came from the local garden centre. We’re too quick to believe).
For some, UFOlogy is a career, and to keep fuelling that career they must keep producing more and more fantastic material to keep them in the spotlight. We’ve just witnessed a group of people plunder the remains of a dead body in an attempt to prove that Roswell and all that goes with it actually happened. Of course that wasn’t their only concern. No, money was part of the deal too. Now we’re left with the whole Roswell story being horribly tainted by this unsavoury affair.
The whole subject is tainted by the sensationalist approach that puts a good story above factual evidence. Dozens and dozens of websites now exist just peddling sensationalist nonsense just to get visitors. Yet, someone has just discovered pages and pages of untapped UFO files, and the crowd went mild.
There is also some wonderful stuff on the recent events on Jack Brewer’s blog
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence…

Hilary Clinton and UFO Disclosure: These aren’t the politicians you’re looking for.

Hilary Clinton discusses UFOs with Laurence Rockefeller during a weekend of UFO related talks at Rockefeller's ranch.

Hilary Clinton discusses UFOs with Laurence Rockefeller during a weekend of UFO related talks at Rockefeller’s ranch.

Ah, Disclosure. Capital ‘D’: Disclosure. So when Hilary Clinton tossed her hat into the ring in regards to running for the Democrats nomination to run for President in 2016 some within the Disclosure/Exopolitics movement got a little excited. (At at any point during this post I sound a little jaded, it’s because here in the UK we are in the middle of an election campaign, and politicians BS is just getting a little tiring). The reason they got excited is because they believe Hilary is the most likely candidate to bring out “the truth” about UFOs. I disagree.

Quite why it is believed that Hilary will bring forth what others have failed to do, isn’t exactly clear. President Nixon, known for having an interest in UFOs didn’t discuss the subject much. Jimmy Carter infamously claimed he would reveal what the US government knew about UFOs if he became President, and back-tracked on that commitment rapidly once getting into the Oval Office. Bill Clinton tried and failed to get past the administrative obstacles and commented that career bureaucrats were not going to spill the beans to politicians whose careers may last just a few years. Veteran political adviser John Podesta, who has been close to the circles of power with Clinton and Obama, is tipped to be Hilary’s adviser and as a result of this and his now infamous tweet which declared his biggest failure of 2014 was failing to get  the UFO files released, is starting to get some people a tad excited at the prospect.

Of course, there are a few flies in the ointment. Firstly, and most importantly, as George Bush Snr said to Jimmy Carter when the newly incumbent president asked for access to UFO files: “Presidential curiosity is not enough”. This information is so highly compartmentalised, just asking for “the files” is not enough. “Need to know” becomes a term that will remain ringing in peoples ears when they ask for information that is above their security clearance.

Secondly, if Hilary was such a pro-disclosure politician, why is she so silent on the subject? She has plenty of time to discuss the issues, or align herself with the subject. The trouble is, she wants the job of President and is not going to allow her campaign or Presidency to by made into a laughing stock by connections with UFOlogy. Also the Republican party does not want Hilary running for President, and with plenty of skeletons in the Clinton closet, her nomination is not guaranteed. There will be other challengers within the Democratic party also.

Thirdly, history shows us that for governments (and by this I mean civil servants and the like, not elected officials) to release information that they feel is too important or controversial requires a lot of pressure and that pressure has to be constant for a very long time. That pressure isn’t there.

Move along, these aren’t the politicians you’re looking for. You can go about your business…

Rendlesham Forest: John Burroughs injuries due to UAP

This week John Burroughs released a press release in which it is claimed he received a large dose of radiation due to his encounter in the forest. The press release is as follows:

Phoenix AZ, February 22, 2015— The United States Government has, for the first time ever, acknowledged by de facto the long-suspected reality of the UFO phenomenon.  John Burroughs encountered a craft of unknown origin in England’s Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980 and suffered injury there from for which the Veterans Administration has now recognized by granting him full medical disability. The December 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident in the United Kingdom is arguably the most well documented and important UFO encounter in history.  A UFO was seen over three consecutive nights by United States Air Force personnel stationed at the twin bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, near Ipswich, England — then the largest NATO air force bases at the height of the Cold War.

The UFO was tracked on radar and physical evidence was found at a site where the UFO was seen to land, including indentations in the frozen ground, scorch marks on the sides on the trees, and radiation levels subsequently assessed by the UK Ministry of Defense as “significantly higher than the average background”.

Airman First Class John Burroughs encountered the UFO at close proximity on the first night. While for many years the U.S. Government denied that this incident had even occurred, in 2006 the UK Government declassified an intelligence study on UFOs (codenamed Project Condign and classified as Secret UK Eyes Only) in which the following statement is found:

The well-reported Rendlesham Forest/Bentwaters event is an example where it might be postulated that several observers were probably exposed to UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon] radiation for longer than normal UAP sighting periods.

John Burroughs was one of those observers who was exposed to UAP radiation in the Rendlesham Forest in December 1980.  However, despite having been exposed to UAP radiation as postulated by the UK’s own intelligence report, the U.S. Government stonewalled John, his attorney, and two United States senators for years.  Now, after decades of persistence, the U.S. Government has finally acknowledged that John Burroughs suffered adverse health effects in the Rendlesham Forest and, therefore, has recognized the link between his health problems and the UFO he encountered.  In an interesting twist, John’s complete medical records file from that time he served in England remains classified.  In regard to the VA’s action on his case, John said:

In January of 2015, after years of exhaustive efforts the VA settled, in full, with me. I needed someone to champion my cause, someone not afraid to put themselves at risk to help me.  I was lucky.  I found two to champion my cause, my attorney Pat Frascogna, and Senator John McCain and his staff. Through their efforts, I received lifesaving heart surgery to replace a badly shredded anterior mitral valve caused by the UAP radiation, and a settlement from the DOD and VA admitting I was injured in the line of duty in December of 1980.

As I will discuss in my forthcoming piece on the Condign Report, the use of the term Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) is peppered throughout the report, and replaces the term UFO as the MoD felt that the UFO acronym was too politically charged. The issue remains that the MoD believe that UAPs are phenomena based around  meteorological and spaced based “weather”. They do not believe that UAPs are alien craft, so I am not quite convinced that it is an admittance to anything other the MoDs/DoDs belief that Burroughs encountered  a natural phenomena. It is what they believe irrespective of the evidence. In the Condign Report, the MoD believe that UAPs can discharge radiation, so that is their get out clause. However, it still opens up some really interesting avenues of inquiry and it also factors in to the claims of above average levels of background information.

John Podesta & UFOs: He ain’t saying anything new…


John Podesta has stepped down as one of Obama’s senior advisers and upon leaving tweeted some of his regrets, with his Number 1 being…

John's Number 1 regret

John’s Number 1 regret

We saw this when Clinton and Carter were in the Oval Office. Both former Presidents and their aide’s were given the bureaucratic run-round. One of the issues that people tend to forget in this situation, is that there is rarely a filing cabinet called “UFO Files”. This information gets heavily compartmentalised. No-one in any administration is going to saunter down to the Pentagon and walk out with an armful of files. No amount of negotiation between elected officials and career-bureaucrats will result in a sudden out-poring of previously classified material. What does come out of governments is usually hard-won through continual petitioning and FOI requests. John can have another crack at it when he is working for Hilary…