Mysterious deaths of scientists

On June 20th 2011, a plane leaving an airport in Western Russia hit a motorway and burst into flames. Among the 45 passengers who died were 5 nuclear scientists who had been working on the highly controversial Bushehr nuclear plant in Iran. Immediately speculation mounted that the 5 scientists had been targeted because of their involvement in the Iranian nuclear program. Whilst the media talked down any type of conspiracy, this accident added another five names to the long list of scientists working in controversial areas that have died in unusual or mysterious circumstances.


Between 1982 and 1988, 25 workers at the GEC-Marconi in the United Kingdom met with sometimes very unusual deaths. All 25 worked on the United States ‘Star Wars’ projects and the ‘Sting-Ray’ torpedo projects (although the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence still disputes these workers were connected to the ‘Star Wars’ project). Most workers died either having finished important projects or when they left for other employers. Several of those who died had routinely expressed fears for their safety. The manner of their deaths were also very curious, and despite open verdicts or verdicts of suicide in the post-mortems, there were aspects to their deaths that made these verdicts seem very unlikely. One of the strangest deaths was that of Shani Warren, a personal assistant for a company that was taken-over by GEC-Marconi. Shani was found drowned in 18 inches of water, gagged, a noose around her neck, her feet bound and her hands bound behind her back.

Mark Wisner, a software engineer for the MoD was found dead with a plastic sack over his head and several feet of cling-film wrapped around his head. This was deemed an accident by the coroner, but it was exactly the same way Mark’s colleague Richard Pugh met his untimely end several weeks earlier. Arshad Sharif, an experienced defence contractor, was found dead after placing a ligature around his neck, tying the other end around a tree and driving off in his car with the accelerator pedal jammed down. The police felt this was a most unusual suicide method, but still deemed it a suicide. Arshad had last been seen in Bristol (where he subsequently killed himself), a long way from his home, booking into a Guest House using cash and was witnessed with a large bag of money. These details, although known to the Police, were never mentioned at his inquest. What did all these people know or what had they seen that motivated someone to kill them? Why did they feel that their lives were in danger?

9-11 Mysterious Deaths

The name Barry Jennings is known to most among the 9-11 truth movement as a key witness as to why the third building (WTC 7) collapsed despite not being hit or damaged by the plane attacks. Jennings was Deputy Director of Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority. On 11 September 2001, while attempting to evacuate the WTC 7 Command Centre with NYC Corporation Counsel Michael Hess, he saw and heard explosions before the Twin Towers fell and believed explosions occurred in WTC7 to deliberately collapse the building. Jennings contributed his evidence to the media on the day of the disaster and also to the 9-11 truth film  ‘Loose Change’. Three days before the official US Government report on the events of 9-11, Jennings was found dead. No official reason for his death was ever released and his immediate family were also discovered to be missing. Dylan Avery, producer of ‘Loose Change’, hired a private detective to look into Jennings death, however the detective soon abandoned the case, refunded Avery’s money and warned Avery to  ‘never contact me again’.

Sadly there is a long list of crucial 9-11 witnesses who died in mysterious circumstances. Danny Jowenko was a Dutch demolition expert who released information that he believed pointed to the WTC7 being a controlled demolition. On July 21, 2011, Danny was driving from church when his car ploughed straight into a tree, Danny died on impact. Beverly Eckhart, who campaigned for the formation of the 9-11 Commission and famously refused any government  compensation died in an airplane crash. Kenneth Johanneman witnessed explosions within the World Trade Centre which contradicts the official version of events, he was found with a bullet wound to the head. Ruled suicide by the coroner many of his family believe the suicide note to be fictitious. Michael H. Doran was the lawyer representing the 9-11 victims families, he died in an aircrash.

Dr David Graham was a dentist who met several of the 9-11 hijackers a year previous to the 9-11 disaster and due to their suspicious behaviour reported them to the FBI (Dr. Graham believed there were planning to bomb a nearby military base). Dr. Graham was found murdered, poisoned with anti-freeze. The FBI claim to never receiving any information from Dr. Graham. Escort service provider, Deborah Palfrey, claimed to have clients,   who she believed were the real perpetrators to the 9-11 disaster. After her comments on radio, and her announcement that she would never kill herself, she was found hanged. Sadly, it is the tip of the iceberg regarding people who claimed to have information that countered the official version of events regarding 9-11. A further 11 suspicious deaths are considered to be part of this pattern.

Leading scientists

It is an alarming fact that leading scientists are often targeted by unknown agents. Dr. David Kelley and his suspicious death is just one of many leading scientists who meet an untimely end. Usually they are involved in cutting-edge research or have become outspoken about certain issues. During the second Iraq war, the mainstream media noted that many high level Iraqi scientists were either going missing or were being targeted by unknown gun-men. Many speculated that Mossad were ensuring that none of these scientists were ‘acquired’ by other Arab countries. A typical example is Taleb Ibrahim al-Daher, one of the countries leading nuclear scientists, who was ambushed by masked gunmen forcing his car off  a bridge and into the Krishan river. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. It was estimated in 2006 by Arab news agency Al-Jazeera that 530 Iraqi scientists had been either killed or had vanished.

Not that scientists outside of war zones fare any better. Dr. Robert Lull was a leading figure in the relatively new field of medicine called Radiovirotherapy. Dr. Lull has had some success in re-programming viruses to fight cancerous cells. Viruses have potent abilities in infiltrating other cells and Dr Lull believed that these attributes could be used to infiltrate cancerous cells and destroy them. Dr Lull was found stabbed to death in the hallway of his San Francisco home, there were no signs of a struggle or of a forced entry. There have been a number of deaths of scientists related to the field of human altered viruses. Dr Benito Que was a leading cell researcher working on infectious diseases such as HIV. He was attacked by four men with baseball bats in a seemingly motiveless attack. Less than a week after Dr. Ques’ death, one the United States foremost infectious disease researchers went missing. Dr. Wiley had been working on AIDS, Ebola and other infectious diseases and how the body could potentially combat them. Dr. Wiley’s car was discovered with a full tank of fuel and the keys still in the ignition. Police found his body a month later in the nearby river, they went on to claim they believed Dr. Wiley had become dizzy and fell from the bridge. Curiously, both Que and Wiley had worked with UK scientist Dr. David Kelly (who also died in suspicious circumstances) on research developing weaponised pathogens that could target specific racial types. Basically a bio-weapon targeted to those with particular racial markers within their DNA.

On November 23rd, Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, a former microbiologist for Biopreparat, the Soviet biological-weapons production facility, was found dead. Dr. Pasechnik had defected to the United Kingdom in 1988 and had revealed the gigantic scale of Russia’s clandestine biological weapon program. A few weeks before his death he had handed over his work on Anthrax to the United Kingdom government due to the rise in perceived threat of bio-terrorism.  Also, curiously, ten days before his death he met with Dr. Que and Dr. Wiley to discuss developments in DNA sequencing.

On December 10th Dr. Robert Schwartz was found stabbed to death at his isolated home. Schwartz was specialised in DNA sequencing and his death marked the end of a bizarre few weeks that saw several top scientists working in a highly specialised field and all working together come to an untimely end. No-one has ever been charged by Police for any of these crimes.

Journalists, Civil Servants and Political Intrigue

Gary Webb was a Pullitzer prize winning journalist who shot to fame with his articles which made up the book ‘Dark Alliance’. The articles (and book) investigated Nicaraguans with links to the CIA backed Contras who had allegedly smuggled cocaine into the United States. Webb went on to allege that the cocaine went onto the fuel the crack-cocaine epidemic that hit many US cities in the late 1980’s. Webb went further to say that he believed the CIA were aware of the shipments being made by Contra personnel. Most of Webb’s claims were later vindicated by an internal CIA investigation. Webb was found dead on December 10th 2004, with two gunshot wounds to the head. The local coroner claimed it was suicide because of a suicide note. Although the coroner could not explain how Webb had managed to shoot himself in the head twice.

Webb’s family claim that the suicide note is a forgery and also note that the .38 pistol used in the shooting has a very stiff trigger, making suicide by two gunshots a physical impossibility. Gary was quoted not long before his death as saying “Do we have a free press today? Sure we do. It’s free to report all the sex scandals it wants, all the stock market news we can handle, every new health fad that comes down the pike, and every celebrity marriage or divorce that happens. But when it comes to the real down and dirty stuff – stories like Tailwind, the October Surprise, the El Mozote massacre, corporate corruption, or CIA involvement in drug trafficking – that’s where we begin to see the limits of our freedoms. In today’s media environment, sadly, such stories are not even open for discussion.”

At the time of his death Webb had been investigating the alleged scandals surrounding George W. Bush, three other reporters all working on similar stories all also committed suicide. Mark Lombardi, J.H. Hatfield and Danny Casolaro were all working on scandals connected to George W. Bush and all were found dead in what most claimed were either suspicious circumstances or in the case of Danny Casolaro ‘a faked suicide’. Danny Casolaro had told friends and family that he suspected he would end up dead for what he knew and also asked them not to believe any story that claimed he had killed himself. What was also suspicious about Casolaro’s death was the theft of almost all of his research material.

On 24th September, 2009, Timothy Hampton, a scientist monitoring nuclear activity was found dead at the bottom of a stairwell at the United Nations building. The initial police report claimed Mr Hampton threw himself off the 17th floor and there were no other suspicious circumstances. Mr. Hamptons’ family were unhappy with the initial report and instructed Professor Kathrin Yen, of the Ludwig Institute in Graz, Austria, to carry out a second post-mortem. Professor Yen claims that there was evidence of strangulation and believes that Mr. Hamptons body was carried to the 17h floor and dropped to make it look like suicide. Mr. Hampton had been involved in discussions regarding the controversial Iranian nuclear program. Bizarrely, 11 months earlier, Maria Dibiase also fell to her death from the 19th floor of the same building. DiBiase was a computer specialist for the UN and a former Conference Services staff member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria. She also worked on some very highly sensitive United Nations databases.


It is very easy for this all to be labelled as coincidence, but if we look at the deaths of Gary Webb, Mark Lombardi, J.H. Hatfield and Danny Casolaro, they not only form a pattern, but the statistics of their deaths are interesting also. The male U.S. suicide rate for the relevant years was an estimate of 17 male suicides per 100,000 people, or 0.017%. The odds of 4 specific male journalists, all researching the same general subject area, all committing suicide would be the 4th power of 17/100000, or 8.3521 4.913 x 10^-17…roughly 1 chance in 10,000,000,000,000,000. Which makes coincidence very unlikely. Also, there are 50 suspicious deaths of people who had dealings with Bill Clinton, most of whom had connections with the lawsuits that dogged the latter years of the Clinton administration. So familiar pattern forms regarding the death of people who had information relating to those in power. Another point to note is that no-one is ever arrested or charged for these crimes. They always seem to remain unsolved.

Similar patterns can be seen for the lists of dead scientists. Scientists involved in cutting-edge research or with connections to the military seem to be routinely targeted. Aside from the Iraqi scientists mentioned earlier, there are over 100 scientists alone who have died in mysterious or suspicious circumstances.

So the ultimate question is who is killing all these people? Judging by the people involved, their inter-connection, the methods used to kill them and the seemingly lack of detection of the killers, the obvious answer would be the intelligence services. With some of the killings having a seemingly political motivation it is easy to see who would behind such crimes, but with some of the crimes the motivation is less clear. It is difficult to always see the motivations in the murky world of the intelligence services.  When considering some these scientists are involved in very highly classified military work it is easy to see how their deaths can hinder such military projects so an intelligence services connection is again highlighted.

If the intelligence services are the most obvious conclusion for who is performing these killings, then due to their lack of accountability even to their own nation states, it is difficult to see how there will be any justice for those who have been killed.

One thought on “Mysterious deaths of scientists

  1. Why are these deathe not even mentioned in our evening news? Our scientists are of utmost importance in moving our society forward in so many fields of endeavors. This is frightening that these can not be suicides and we are not being told the truth. Can anyone tell me if this was broadcast news at the time?

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