Nick Pope : Some facts, some truth

Nick Pope – the truth is slightly more mundane than the fiction…

Nick Pope. UFO expert for the MoD? Er, not quite. And it never was that way…

Nick Pope has done a wonderful job convincing the media and many within the UFO community that he was someone worth listening to regarding UFOs. Nick has worked very hard to convince the world that he was some sort of government UFO expert working for the Ministry of Defence. If the media wanted someone to talk about UFOs, it goes to Nick.

When Nick came on the scene I and many others were very sceptical of Nick. Was Nick really an expert for the MoD about UFOs? No. In the files released by the MoD itself, it is stated “Turning specifically to your comments concerning Mr Pope, I should point out that he was a junior desk officer in the Secretariat(Air Staff)2a section from 1991-1994 and was not in charge of, or the head of any part of Secretariat (Air Staff)2. Mr Pope was an executive officer and shared the support of one administrative officer.  Although Sec(AS)2a was, and still is, the focal point for handling queries directed at the MOD in connection with “unexplained” aerial sightings, during Mr Pope’s time such work represented a small part of his overall duties. There were no staff working on this subject on a full-time basis
and this remains the case.” – Released File DEFE24/2000 page 43. Doesn’t really sound like he heads-up some UFO project does it? Doesn’t sound like some expert does he? “Junior Desk Officer”. Does that sound like an expert?

In fact, Linda Unwin, one of Nick’s successors in the role “The first point to make is that there is no ‘UFO Project’. Handling of UFO sightings is a very small element of our work.” And on the question whether the MoD is interested in UFOs, Linda claims  “I’ll let you into a little secret… generally, we’re not! The policy is quite simple: we only look at these reports to establish whether there might be anything of defence significance, such as an unauthorised or hostile aircraft in UK airspace.” Well, well, well. This does seem  a very different picture to how Nick has painted it.

Let us not forget. The ‘UFO Desk’ was the focal point of UFO reports from the public. The reports were assessed whether there was an issue of ‘defence significance’ then the report was filed. End of story as far as Nick was concerned.

Nick was not a UFO expert for the MoD. As I have previously stated, I believe Nick was a desk jockey who portrayed the Fox Molder fantasy for the benefit of the media and the gullible. He was part of the team that helped ridicule and block enquiries into UFOs. This was the man who tried to stop the Air Force and Navy from taking photos of crop circles (released file DEFE24/1955 p.24). This is the man who claims to encourage the release of information about UFOs yet wrote to the MoD to suppress any information regarding his involvement with UFOs as the following link documents

I am not alone in some truths finally coming out into the open about Nick

As Nick has now discovered, the truth is out there…




3 thoughts on “Nick Pope : Some facts, some truth

  1. Nice post (looks a little familiar, but I don’t mind). Just one niggle – it was the Army Air Corps and the Royal Navy who he tried to persuade not to overfly/photograph crop circles, not the RAF.
    I dislike people who misrepresent themselves, misrepresent their own work and that of others, and set out to mislead gullible people. I was brought up to regard such behaviour as dishonest and an abuse of trust. Others seem not to mind. Glad to see that people are beginning to see through his shallow veneer.

    If you want copies of any of the documents from the MoD files referred to above, let me know, I have some which have fewer redactions than the official release had (I appealed against some of the redactions and had them removed under FoIA).

  2. why nick pope always tend to believe the goverments account of what happened at events and say that witnesses must be over imagining whats not there.i thought witnesses are what the name suggests witnesses.nick pope is always quick to dismiss witnesses as idiots and believe official explantation.either hes working as a dis-info agent or he a extreme skeptic who think life existing elsewhere that could be visiting immpossible.he should not be talking at events when he is clearly not open minded.the mans just spreading muck and clouding the issue.

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