Nick Pope, the Olympic UFOs and the backlash…

Nick Pope – Mouthpiece for hire

As I previously blogged, Nick Pope appeared to lose the plot as compared to his usual conservative, fence sitting self. He apparently stood by statements that the Olympics were going to be used as a stage for UFOs to appear etc etc Despite being questioned by other researchers he STILL stood by his statements.  The web was alive with rumours. Was Nick releasing some previously hidden information? Had he gone ‘renegade’ and was turning the tables on his previous employers, the Ministry of Defence? I thought he had a new book coming out. I know, I’m a tad cynical.

But then, after everyone as wondering just what was going on, he revealed it was all a publicity stunt for a Sony Playstation game! The wag! Again, the media laps up everything Nick Pope has to say about UFOs without checking any of the facts. So, Sony gets some publicity, Nick gets paid, the newspapers fill some space and UFOlogy gets a little less credible in the process.

So, remember this all this when Nick is next on the TV, in the newspaper, booked for a conference (as he surely will be). He is in it for the cash and doesn’t really care about taking UFOs seriously.


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