UK Ufology: Still playing the man and not the ball

The easiest way to deal with any dissenting voices daring to deviate from the official script is to tear into the dissenter rather than deal with the questions/statements they may have. Online abuse sadly is nothing new, but the level of aggression that has spewed forth towards one individual has shocked many. What is curious about this, is that while there are many in the UFO movement who love to talk about freedom of speech, truth and other lofty ideas, they seem to think that these same freedoms and principles don’t apply to those who dare to question those individuals the UFO community have placed on a lofty pedestal.

The incident in question has been around someone who decided to question the motives and the testimony of Larry Warren, and the abuse that followed… I would urge you to follow all the links, just to see how far the subject has regressed (or maybe more accurately, how far people will go to protect “the brand”, and their ego’s.)


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