The Hiatus Is Off, Again!

Well, the book has been re-edited, a few bits added, and constantly re-read. It is hard to ultimately say ‘it’s finished’. The urge to keep re-reading, re-editing is a tough one to fight. So, after receiving some feedback, I think its ready to get sent off to some publishers. I haven’t ruled out self-publishing, with more and more electronic formats available, it is a tempting option.

Also, now having my own spot on Fortean Radio, I feel that I need to devote more time back to the UFOlogical world. So, fingers crossed for more daily updates…

Mr. Janus

Smith Street - site of the encounter with the mysterious Mr. Janus

Smith Street – site of the encounter with the mysterious Mr. Janus

On a recent visit to London I found myself wandering down the affluent Kings Road and caught myself at the junction for Smith Street and Markham Square. Smith Street is a quiet street in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and its salubrious location doesn’t hint at the strange encounter that occurred there in 1948.

Sir Peter Horsley, a former Royal equerry and Deputy Commander of RAF Strike Command, was invited to a flat in Smith Street by a General Martin to discuss UFOs with what he believed would be a group of like-minded individuals. Horsley had been very interested in UFOs (something with he shared with Prince Phillip) but was slightly reticent about attending the meeting, concerned that it was some sort of fringe group. On arriving at the flat a Mrs Markham showed Horsley into the second-floor drawing room. The only other person in the room was the mysterious ‘Mr. Janus’. Horsley was unable to give a good description of Mr. Janus, the standard lamps seemed to be arranged in a way that cause a shadow to stop Horlsey getting a good look at him. As Mr. Janus sat back in the chair, they begun to discuss UFOs.

Mr. Janus was keen to meet Prince Phillip but Horlsey said that this would be extremely difficult. Mr. Janus then begun to talk about the physics involved in UFOs travelling such distances, Horsley believed that Janus could read his mind as the questions Horsley was about to ask, Janus seemed to effortlessly segue into. Janus spoke at length about the subject of interstellar travel, the existence of God, contact with ETs, and the destruction of Earth.

Horsley felt throughout his encounter and even until his death that Mr. Janus was not of this Earth. In his autobiography ‘Sounds from another Room’ he wrote “What was Janus? Was he part of an elaborate hoax or plot, was he a teacher, an imaginative prophet of the future or what he had insinuated – an observer?”. Horsley was well respected and held high positions within the establishment and most believe he was not liable to flights of fancy. It is worth noting that ‘Mrs Markham’ probably took her name from the street adjacent to where the flat was in Smith Street was (Markham Square), indicating that she was not who she claimed to be. Many have laid claim that the whole event was an elaborate charade by MI5 to test Horsley and his loyalty. Some have pointed to the contactee/space brother type feel to the experience (which was ultimately of its time) to discredit it.

Standing on Smith Street, a curtain twitches, it all feels very normal but who can say what goes on behind those curtains…


UFOlogy is dead. Allegedly.

A recent article in The Telegraph alleged that UFOlogy was dead. It’s followers, it claims, now believe the truth isn’t out there after all. Now this article was basically a space filler to promote a UFO conference. The conference was organised by theAssociation for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) and its chairman Dave Woods claims that within ten years UFOlogy will be dead in the water. It bases this assessment on a 96% decline in UFO sightings to ASSAP. It also highlights the dwindling number of UFO organisations as an indication that the subject is dying. Further to that Dave Woods claims that conferences are peddling the same old sightings over and over again due to the dearth in new cases.

So let us have a look at this… Until they asked me to speak at their conference (I have since pulled out) I had never heard of ASSAP, and most of the people I know who are interested in UFOs hadn’t heard of them either. Which begs the question, if Joe Bloggs saw a UFO, who would he report it to? Would ASSAP be the first place you’d think of? In fact, if you google ‘who do i report a UFO to’, ASSAP do not feature on the first three pages of results (There were plenty of websites that could facilitate that report so I fail to see how ASSAP is the first port of call of any sighting). I fail to see how ASSAP can really be in the position to make such a bold claim based on this. In fact, there is very little about UFOs on the ASSAP website, and at a casual glance it appears to be more interested in ghosts. I also think that any decline in UFO organisations is more of a reflection on such information being more freely available on the internet.

The reason that such a focus continues on such classic cases, is that these cases are still ongoing. To this day, more information is being made available on cases such as Roswell and Rendlesham Forest. The flip side is that people will not come to a conference to hear about Joe Bloggs seeing a light in the sky.

All subjects ebb and flow, but UFOlogy is hardly dead in the water. Not based on this analysis anyway.

UFOs and the Military: Natural bed-fellows…

UFOs and the Military – Natural bed fellows

The world of UFOs and the military often cross within some of the more famous cases… Roswell, Rendlesham, RAF Corsford,  just to name a few. This website is not only a great place to keep up with the military shenanigans going on, but also has a slightly sceptical take on the Roswell affair…

Home Page:

How Roswell started our love affair with aliens

UFO descends into live volcano

So much UFO footage that gets bandied around the internet is so obviously camera trickery and the use of CGI is so widespread that it is getting harder to tell what it real and what is fake. Every now and again however, an interesting piece of footage appears that does make me stop and wonder. On a personal note, I was near the base of Popocatepetl in 1996, just when it started to puff a little smoke for the first time in a long time. It was front page news. (The volcano getting active, not me being there). So I have a personal affinity with this volcano, you could say. Anyway, this link has the footage…