Disclosure: More of the same

Disclosure Journals

Apparently Lou Dobbs is a UFO expert. For anyone outside of the US, Lou Dobbs is not a household name. For the uninitiated Lou Dobbs is another talking-head on US TV who has been known for his Trump sycophancy. So when Trump claims that firstly Lou Dobbs is a UFO expert (he’s not) and that Trump will do whatever Dobbs wants in regards to UFO disclosure, I get the feeling we’re in trouble.

US politicians have often talked about UFOs prior to entry to the highest office, but suddenly do not want to discuss the issue once in the job. The UFO community has rightly pointed to the fact that due to compartmentalisation of information and the structure of security clearance, politicians know very little. We’re back to the infamous quote by George Bush Snr “Presidential curiosity is not enough.” So does Trump have the inside track on UFOs as seen from the viewpoint of the US Government? Probably not. His comments are curiously vague enough to reveal nothing that could instigate drilling down into detail, but tease enough that people will continue to discuss the quotes on the internet, for weeks. That’s what politicians do; it’s all about the soundbite. A round-up of the interview can be found here.

Disclosure, for the wider population, will hinge on direct statements from politicians and solid evidence. We’re not quite there yet.


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