Disclosure: UFOs are a political issue

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Most politicians get asked about UFOs. Going back to Rich Hall asking David Cameron about UFOs, George W Bush getting asked about UFOs and Hilary Clinton vowing to open up the UFO files in her failed election campaign, it’s always a topic that bubbles to the surface. Of course, in the forthcoming US election it will certainly be more of a hot button topic because there are several departments in the US Government, not to mention Trump himself, all discussing UFOs like it is suddenly the most natural thing in the world to discuss as a politician or government department.

It certainly is quite an about face as previously UFOs have been a topic to be avoided lest you become labelled as something of a lunatic, especially in an election year. However, 2020, as you’re probably aware, is certainly not a typical year by any means. Trump got something of a head-start on his opponent by claiming that he had heard “interesting things” about the Roswell incident. Bryce Zabel has penned an interesting piece suggesting that Joe Biden needs to get up to speed on the UFO subject and avoid the typical “little green men” trope. His well-written piece can be found here.

The media plays a massive part in the UFO Disclosure process and in the past we’ve seen too much churnalism and not enough journalism. The mainstream press, especially here in the UK, have toed the government line of “Nothing to see here. Move along” for far too long. With the latest revelation from the New York Times not making as much of a splash in the UK, outside of the tabloids, a discussion about the media’s role is always welcomed. Micah Hanks has quite a mature and nuanced discussion on the subject here

This from a few weeks back, but it is still worth watching. Joe Rogan has got back on-board with UFOs thanks to discussions he has had with Bob Lazar, among others. This discussion with George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell is worth watching irrespective of any views you may have on Lazar.

Lazar’s chat with Joe is worth a watch too

The US government is ready to release something, whether this is just another teaser in a process of slow-roll disclosure or more smoke and mirrors, but a lot of the US media is certainly getting on-board and reporting on developments as they arise. Futurism has reported on the release of information (here) but there are still those with a sceptical slant on it. Slate magazine (here) holds a different take on it pointing out that ‘it’s still not aliens’. Slate points out that the US Government is talking about a lot of things in a fairly ‘un-illuminating’ manner. Sure it’s unidentified, but that just means it’s unidentified. It’s not necessarily aliens. It’s a fair point, but people just want to know what we’re dealing with irrespective of whether it’s aliens, advanced tech or something altogether different. The first step to discovering the truth is getting your hands on as much data as possible. It probably is aliens, though. This is 2020, after all!

We’ve been here before with governments kicking the can further down the road, plus if we factor in a lot of this information ends up in deep rabbit holes controlled by Special Access Projects (SAP), so what does the run-of-the-mill government really know anymore? The US government, in it’s obsession with compartmentalising information,  especially UFO-related information, may just not have all the paperwork it needs to present a full and intelligible story. Interesting and unprecedented times.

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One thought on “Disclosure: UFOs are a political issue

  1. > Joe Rogan has got back on-board with UFOs thanks to discussions he has had with Bob Lazar

    That’s a bit like saying, “I started going to church again after I had a talk with Santa at the mall.”

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