Disclosure Journals – US Navy Confirms UAPs are real

glowing auras and black money pentagon ufo

The US Navy has finally made a really amazing admission by confirming that the three videos released by The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TSAAS) show Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). It is a huge admission. Not quite Disclosure, but we’re getting there. The admission by the Navy was on the back of investigation by John Greenewald and The Black Vault.

The other thing to come out of this is that the videos were never cleared for release, which goes directly against what TSAAS claimed. In regards to this announcement, this is a minor point in my humble opinion but some are highlighting this as yet another instance of credibility issues with TSAAS. The other side of the ‘never cleared for release’ revelation is that this shows that the cover-up is alive and well. The other factor to consider is we have very strong evidence of some amazing technology being operated by someone other than the militaries of this world. Just let that sink in for a second.

Non-US media is picking up on the story and most are reporting the US Navy statement without troubling themselves over the massive implications of this announcement. Classic churnalism at work. It continues to amaze me just how much churnalism there is in supposedly serious media outlets, especially when it come to the subject of UFOs. Of course the US Navy isn’t happy using the term “UFO”, preferring the slightly less-loaded term of “UAP”. The US Navy confirmed they had adopted the term after the UK MoD decided it was a much better way to refer to anything unidentified in the sky. There appears to be slightly more traction or media echo of this revelation rather than compared with the airing of “Unidentified”, the show which TSAAS used to showcase these videos.

Of course, with every revelation a whole host of spin-off questions and FOIA requests are realised and the continuing chase of the elusive ‘smoking-gun’ or Disclosure in the form of a politician making an Earth shattering revelation, starts again. 2019 was billed by many as the year of Disclosure, I doubt it will be in the truest sense of the phrase, but great strides are being made. Shall we bet on 2020?

Whilst TSAAS get a lot of coverage for this, ultimately John Greenewald and The Black Vault have probably unleashed the biggest UFO story this year, and probably of many years.

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