Disclosure Journals


Disclosure Journals

Another week and another set of claims that may or may not bring UFO disclosure a little further forward…

The rumour mill went into overdrive this week after Mark Walker, a ranking member of the Intelligence and Counterterrorism sub-committee, claimed that the US Navy were witholding information about UAPs (the preferred term for UFOs within the military). Mark requested information on a number of claims and was less than happy with the response (or lack thereof). The US Navy is in something of a quandary with a lot of recent UFO events, and isn’t helping it’s cause by generally failing to provide any meaningful answers. Or maybe that is their ploy, so people keep digging…

Mark Walker is the latest in a very long line of US politicians who have been given the bureaucratic run-around when asking about UFOs. A good synopsis of the story can be found here.

While a lot of the column inches related to UFOs this year have been due to the claims of To The Stars Academy (TTSA) and Tom DeLonge’s push for disclosure, judging by a recent poll on the subject, American’s are generally still sceptical about UFOs but a significant number of them believe the US government know more than they are telling. The number of Americans who believe that to be the case polls at 71% (up from 69% in 1996). It is an interesting poll as only 16% of the population have seen something they consider a UFO and 33% of the population believe that UFOs are in fact alien spacecraft visiting Earth. But is you consider that 33% of the US population would equate to a massive 108 million people (based on the population being 329 million people, give or take), that’s some good numbers! The Gallup poll can be viewed here.

So, in advance of the Storm Area 51 event (which may or may not be cancelled, it depends on who you talk to), two Dutch YouTube vloggers were arrested trying to sneak into Area 51. According to Nye County Sheriff’s Office, Ties Granzier and Govert Charles Willhelmus Jacob Sweep, walked three miles into the Area 51 perimeter before they were apprehended. While there will be a lot of giggling about this, (I mean, did they really expect just to stroll into one of the US’ most secretive facilities?) there was a lot this behaviour in the mid-1990s where UK based UFO enthusiasts tried to enter UK facilities they believed were connected with UFO’s. Researcher Timothy Good found himself being arrested after loitering around Rudloe Manor, a site long rumoured to be a clearing house for the UK’s UFO related material. There were other incidents at various sites, along with a theory at the time that MI5 had infiltrated some UFO groups and encouraged people to illegally enter these sites. Many people laughed at this claim but this tactic was also used recently by UK police undercover agents who often encouraged environmental groups to break the law. More on this can be found here.

More on the Area 51 story can be found here. The Washington Post also has an article on the matter.

A nice middle-of-the-road mini-doc on Area 51 as a location is this…

But if you want to see how you will be welcomed by the infamous ‘camo-dudes’ as you try to sneak up on Area 51, this video will give you some idea.

Until next time…

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