Disclosure Journals 02.07.19

Disclosure Journals 2.7.19.png

Since the revelations and subsequent arguments about the evidence brought forth by Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy (TTSA), UFOs, aliens and disclosure is suddenly a more palatable subject to discuss within the media without it tittering behind its collective hands. Of course, not everyone is happy with the evidence that Tom and TTSA has brought forward, but that is for another posting.

General articles by a wide range of media outlets have followed the TTSA in its endeavours. I have found it interesting that the media has played the usual role of churning the facts it has already been told (churnalism as a pose to journalism) and that not many outlets are really picking up the baton and starting to dig into this story for themselves. This isn’t a new phenomena within the media. The media has generally been parroting the government/official line for a long time. There are some exceptions to this.

Since the TTSA and it’s TV show “Unidentified” have been aired, I have been looking for the ‘Echo’. What I mean by that is who is picking up this story, who is now engaging with this new information, where is the echo to the original shout-out? The media are churning what they are told, the guy in the street isn’t that bothered it seems, and the typical in-fighting within the UFO community is muddying the waters. Again.

If we expect to see real disclosure much still needs to be changing. As all we have are some amazing stories, but even this new evidence isn’t the greatest we have seen to date. As the drip-feed process continues I question whether we are actually moving forward and not just injecting more data into UFOlogy hoping that the ‘answer’ will magically reveal itself. And still politicians, military figures and career bureaucrats continue to play the long-game. The smoking-gun is always hidden away.

Despite the MoD claiming back in 2017 that it had released the last of its UFO related files, it went and pulled out another batch of files. Again, the MoD decided not to publish them online. I will endeavour to take a trip to the National Archives to view them. I have been trying various FOIA  requests to the MoD in an attempt to tie-down some statements the TTSA made when they arrived on the scene. Hence my very long silence. Making FOIA requests and waiting for the responses is a time consuming affair. Nothing of note has been discovered so far.

Many moons ago I reported on a case connected with Silbury Hill and the witnessing of some beings. It was a very complex story, which can be viewed here. The update is that the officer involved is not far from completing a book, not just about that incident and the subsequent incidents that happened to him and his family, but other police officers and local people. Wiltshire can be a real hotspot for UFO activity so it should be interesting to see what incidents come to light. I will keep posting updates as appropriate. This incident has led me to discovering a number of unusual reports of strange activity near the Silbury Hill/Avebury area. One of these can been seen on this link over on my other blog. I’ll be posting more of these incidents on both blogs.

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