The Pentagon and Disclosure, then something under the radar

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I decided to sit back and watch events unfold in regards to the revelation that the Pentagon had been investigating reports of UFOs. Now the dust has settled, here’s my two-penneth (whether you wanted it or not)

In an article for the New York Times, it was revealed that the Pentagon had been investigating report of UFOs. Well, shock, horror, but the US Government periodically funds an investigation. Project Blue Book, Project Grudge etc etc they’ve form for this type of investigation. I think the proof of the pudding will come if the actual reports or conclusions see the light of day. Again, lets remember that official reports usually are quite poorly conducted in scientific terms (see the MoDs Condign Report) or their conclusions are classic generic musings.

Apparently the Pentagon previously denied the existence of the investigation, but that’s what Governments do: neither confirm or deny. It’s standard operating procedure. The New York Times article is well written, in all fairness, for a heave-weight newspaper. This is a refreshing change, but now the real investigative work needs to be done to quantify what we’re actually dealing with. Such talk about materials recovered from UFOs needs some strong verification otherwise this will just be another study for the UFO community to argue over. And argue over it they currently are, with some valid claims about the object in the released video. The video is of quite poor quality (which is surprising many people) but also many are claiming that the object is quite explainable. We need to see what image processing and study has taken place on the released footage. Which links back to my point that until we see the full extent of the investigation/study, we don’t really know what we’re dealing with. Such snippets of info, evidently cherry-picked, does not equate to “Disclosure”. Read the full report before such claims are made. There will no doubt be claims on both sides of the argument, and there are some valid criticisms here. As with these types of stories, the waters will get muddied, both sides will become entrenched and another impasse is reached. Over on The UFO Trail, there is a really well-balanced look at this unfolding affair.

Whilst the world was lost in the festive frenzy, a story slipped out in the UK Guardian which caught my eye (and has been ignored by many news outlets). According to research done by the Guardian, the UK Government has “lost” many important papers from the National Archives. Of course, when these papers relate to the issues in Northern Ireland, the Falklands War and the infamous Zinoviev letter, many people get suspicious. According to the Guardian “A Freedom of Information Act request in 2014 showed that 9,308 files were returned to government departments in this way in 2011. The following year 7,122 files were loaned out, and 7,468 in 2013. The National Archives says Whitehall departments are strongly encouraged to promptly return them, but they are not under any obligation to do so.”

Now from the UFO point of view this is very interesting as the number of files “lost” by the MoD is quite substantial and usually involves what could be some very important evidence. I claimed, many moons ago, that many files were being weeded out and subsequently “lost” or “destroyed”. I also had this further confirmed by an adviser to the House of Lords. It’s nice to sometimes get your observations confirmed.

So, as with all of these current stories, we continue with the paper chase…


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