D is For Disclosure #2 : Peter Robbins Interview


It has been a curious time in the world of UFOlogy. For some time now, people have been discussing that there was going to be some sort of a “reset” within our perception of UFOlogy, and whilst that idea is extremely generic and open to interpretation, the last few months have certainly  indicated that some older beliefs and concepts are slowly changing. However, these have been insignificant in comparison to the final nail in the coffin of Larry Warren’s Rendlesham saga.

Over quite a long period, there has been a lot of doubt cast upon virtually all the claims made by Warren. These would be too numerous to discuss, but all the revelations are documented over on Sacha Chritie’s blog. (Whose dogged determination should be a benchmark for UFO research). Since Warren’s co-author, Peter Robbins, “split” their famous partnership a few months ago, a lot of people have been waiting for Robbins to make a comment on all the claims made about Warren’s account of those infamous nights at RAF Bentwaters.

In an interview on Inception radio, Robbins has admitted he should have done more due diligence in regards to the research but more importantly, he has sunk all credibility of Warren’s claims in this very frank interview.

Prior to this, Warren and Robbins have pushed a series of events in their book “Left At East Gate”, which has convinced many within UFOlogy of the veracity of Warren’s claims. Now with these revelations, it will be interesting to see what happens to the Rendlesham story as framed within the context of “Left At East Gate”, which has been held up for so long as such a credible account. It also highlights that some of UFOlogy’s biggest stories, still have the ability to  render the whole subject a laughing stock. With two of the incident’s main protagonists (Larry Warren and Jim Penniston) testimony’s being called into account, “Britain’s Roswell” may end up getting demoted to a footnote of UFOlogy. Obviously something significant happened at RAF Bentwaters, it remains to be seen if these revelations around Warren’s testimony helps or hinders the ongoing research. It also highlights that nothing is ever certain within UFOlogy.

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