D is for Disclosure.

Two stories about disclosure have been bubbling under the surface. The first is the continuing hints at UFO disclosure coming from Hilary Clinton and John Podesta, should Hilary get into the White House. Of course, we must remember that John had tried and previously failed to get to the bottom of all things UFOlogical whilst Bill Clinton was in office. Of course, there are some obstacles still in place to stop Hilary and John. Firstly the sheer scale of the compartmentalisation of such information makes finding information difficult. The same desk-jockeys that stopped John last time are probably still in place. But more importantly, to quote George Bush Snr, “Presidential curiosity is not enough”. We have had a string of presidents who have all been full of the freedom of information rhetoric, only to be silenced by the machinery of the state. So quite how Hilary will circumvent all the obstacles has not been fully explained, and to be honest, I doubt she will find a way.

What was also very curious in a recent interview was Hilary’s use of the phrase ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ (UAP). It is a term the MoD started using, due to the phrase UFO having too much political baggage. After all, who is going to vote for someone obsessed with flying saucers and little green men?

The other, more interesting story, revolves around a Navy insider who claims to have seen material confirming the existence of UFOs. He claims that:

I was a Radioman 3rd class petty officer at Naval Telecommunications Center within NAS Moffett Field from Feb 86′ to Oct 89′ having maintained a TS SBI/ESI NATO/SIOP Compartmental Security Clearance. I was required to deliver TS Code word designation COSMIC to SRI, ESL/SYLVANIA, LOCKHEED SKUNKWORKS, TRW, RATHEON, BERKELEY LABS, LAWRENCE LIVERMORE LABS, and other think tanks throughout Silicon valley. In addition we had a GS11 employee who was transferred from a Joint U.S. U.K. Communication station north of London after working at that site for a dozen years. He said it was an NSA/UK facility tasked with tracking UFO including Rendalsham Forest Incident. He said that UFO/ET were real and that hopefully disclosure would happen in my lifetime since he was in his early 60s at the time. I’m not reporting a UFO sighting rather a UFO related experience. I have copies of my security clearances. I personally handled, viewed and delivered thousands of documents involving UFO/ET Projects. My secrecy agreement with the U.S. Government expired in Oct 2014. At this point in my life I would like to share my knowledge in hopes that someone will be able to use it effectively towards disclosure.

There is an audio interview with the insider, here.

As with both of these stories, the rhetoric is great, but it is the verifiable information that will make the difference.


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