Hilary Clinton and UFO Disclosure: These aren’t the politicians you’re looking for.

Hilary Clinton discusses UFOs with Laurence Rockefeller during a weekend of UFO related talks at Rockefeller's ranch.
Hilary Clinton discusses UFOs with Laurence Rockefeller during a weekend of UFO related talks at Rockefeller’s ranch.

Ah, Disclosure. Capital ‘D’: Disclosure. So when Hilary Clinton tossed her hat into the ring in regards to running for the Democrats nomination to run for President in 2016 some within the Disclosure/Exopolitics movement got a little excited. (At at any point during this post I sound a little jaded, it’s because here in the UK we are in the middle of an election campaign, and politicians BS is just getting a little tiring). The reason they got excited is because they believe Hilary is the most likely candidate to bring out “the truth” about UFOs. I disagree.

Quite why it is believed that Hilary will bring forth what others have failed to do, isn’t exactly clear. President Nixon, known for having an interest in UFOs didn’t discuss the subject much. Jimmy Carter infamously claimed he would reveal what the US government knew about UFOs if he became President, and back-tracked on that commitment rapidly once getting into the Oval Office. Bill Clinton tried and failed to get past the administrative obstacles and commented that career bureaucrats were not going to spill the beans to politicians whose careers may last just a few years. Veteran political adviser John Podesta, who has been close to the circles of power with Clinton and Obama, is tipped to be Hilary’s adviser and as a result of this and his now infamous tweet which declared his biggest failure of 2014 was failing to get  the UFO files released, is starting to get some people a tad excited at the prospect.

Of course, there are a few flies in the ointment. Firstly, and most importantly, as George Bush Snr said to Jimmy Carter when the newly incumbent president asked for access to UFO files: “Presidential curiosity is not enough”. This information is so highly compartmentalised, just asking for “the files” is not enough. “Need to know” becomes a term that will remain ringing in peoples ears when they ask for information that is above their security clearance.

Secondly, if Hilary was such a pro-disclosure politician, why is she so silent on the subject? She has plenty of time to discuss the issues, or align herself with the subject. The trouble is, she wants the job of President and is not going to allow her campaign or Presidency to by made into a laughing stock by connections with UFOlogy. Also the Republican party does not want Hilary running for President, and with plenty of skeletons in the Clinton closet, her nomination is not guaranteed. There will be other challengers within the Democratic party also.

Thirdly, history shows us that for governments (and by this I mean civil servants and the like, not elected officials) to release information that they feel is too important or controversial requires a lot of pressure and that pressure has to be constant for a very long time. That pressure isn’t there.

Move along, these aren’t the politicians you’re looking for. You can go about your business…


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