John Podesta & UFOs: He ain’t saying anything new…


John Podesta has stepped down as one of Obama’s senior advisers and upon leaving tweeted some of his regrets, with his Number 1 being…

John's Number 1 regret
John’s Number 1 regret

We saw this when Clinton and Carter were in the Oval Office. Both former Presidents and their aide’s were given the bureaucratic run-round. One of the issues that people tend to forget in this situation, is that there is rarely a filing cabinet called “UFO Files”. This information gets heavily compartmentalised. No-one in any administration is going to saunter down to the Pentagon and walk out with an armful of files. No amount of negotiation between elected officials and career-bureaucrats will result in a sudden out-poring of previously classified material. What does come out of governments is usually hard-won through continual petitioning and FOI requests. John can have another crack at it when he is working for Hilary…


One thought on “John Podesta & UFOs: He ain’t saying anything new…

  1. Hello – couldn’t agree more about the unlikely scenario of a new administration’s eager young things storming the Pentagon and ‘setting the files free’. One reason in particular has been spelt out previously by a number of writers; if any ‘proper’ analytical work on UFO/UAP/anomaly reports has been carried out in recent decades, it’s more than likely been by private contractors at arm’s-length from Government, and hence protected from Freedom of Information requests by commercial confidentiality. You have to know that something exists to be able to ask to see it…

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