Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens – 20 Years On

In St. Nick’s Market there is a fantastic second-hand bookshop, and as I sauntered past I caught site of John Mack’s “Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens”. In hardback. For £1. I lost my copy a long time ago, so for a quid it was a no-brainer. I noticed that it was originally published in 1994, the same year (I think) that I met John Mack. I was ferrying him from the train-station to his accommodation prior to his appearance at a UFO conference. He was a warm and inquisitive guy, constantly asking about his surroundings, the history, the people. He was a really nice guy.

As I flicked trough the book on the way home on the train, I really got a sense of his warmth but more importantly I got a sense of how restrained the book is at times. Irrespective of the his academic background and approach, as books about alien abduction go, it feels really restrained. I’m not saying that is a bad thing. However, it has really got me thinking. Primarily it has got me thinking about where these people are now. Twenty years on, where are they? How have they integrated their experiences into their lives. It also got me thinking about the abduction dialogue. As we look back we’ve seen the dialogue change, evolve and expand. So where are we now?

It always fascinates me how people who have had extraordinary experiences view things after a long period of time. I once met this guy who was running around Warminster at the height of the “Warminster Thing”. He said that at the time, with all the excitement, intrigue and sightings, him and those around him were expecting the aliens to land at any point. It was really going to happen. Every sighting heightened the belief. As things trailed off, as the story went cold, people drifted away. A sense of loss hit him. This excitement was heightened for him in the early 1990’s when crop circles looked like ETs calling card… and we know how that panned out. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

It’s a common theme within the abduction dialogue, how people have been chosen for special missions, I wonder how you integrate that twenty years later and nothing much has changed? What inner dialogue do you then have?

Anyway, just some musings… Probably an avoidance technique to prevent wading through the Condign Report again. Yes, I promise, I will post on it soon.


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