Roswell Deja Vu

“I wonder what the French call deja vu?” A classic line from Hattie Hayridge, but it seems like I have a strong case of deja vu with the latest Roswell “smoking gun”. I remember the last time we travelled down this dirt road. I remember the big fuss about the clips of the now infamous “alien autopsy” being shown at the Natural History museum in London. I remember the big hoopla around the late Reg Presley showing slides of the autopsy at a UFO conference I attended in Cardiff. I remember all the talk of experts authenticating the film. We all remember what happened next. We all remember how the experts got their fingers burnt as the whole story unravelled. Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The whole reinvigoration of the Roswell story has been going for a while. Last year there was some archeological style reinvestigation of the crash site. New witnesses were hunted down before their demise and now this: the Roswell slides. May the 5th is the day when the full facts and the smoking gun is presented to the world. Already we’re all having our two-penneth worth on the matter and it’s understandable. Sightings such as Roswell how the allure of delivering what UFOlogists have been beavering away for the past 50 plus years: the smoking gun that proves ETs have been visiting planet Earth. Over the years the waters around Roswell have become so muddied I think that all anyone can agree on is that it happened near Roswell. But that’s UFOlogy For you. By the time the big “reveal” comes around the new evidence will already have been pulled apart and feasted upon, and in my humble opinion we’ll be right back where we started.
I wonder what the French call deja vu?
Below are some links to the current story:

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