The Truth Hides: UFO Monthly Round-up January 2015

Deliberate Disinformation
Deliberate Disinformation

Colin Andrews, Peter Robbins and Robert Salas come together to discuss the deliberate disinformation within the world of UFOs and Crop Circles. An interesting discussion which can be found here

An interesting discussion came to light through some revelations from Colonel Halt of Rendlesham fame. He claimed to have had access to a tape from Budd Hopkins’ collection of abductee regressions. Obviously this raises huge issues about confidentiality, not only in regards to Budd Hopkins collection of material, but anyone who undergoes similar regression with hypnotherapists/psychotherapists. Jack Brewer has a good article on the matter here

A good friend of mine, Dave Haith, posted this to my timeline and highlighted a fascinating case:


What if a prominent scientist who had designed space flights for NASA, claimed he and a girlfriend driving on a country road, found their way blocked by a giant rectangular UFO?

What if, when they finally arrived at their destination, they found they had ‘lost’ three hours of time?

What if he was later interviewed anonymously about this on web radio and said he was convinced they’d encountered a spacecraft from another world or dimension?

What if subsequently he agreed to risk ridicule and be named in a book by a top researcher and reveal that the incident has changed his life because he now realises that humans aren’t necessarily in prime control of this planet?

Do you think this might make a headline or two in mainstream newspapers around the world? Not a word!

So here are the facts the media is too nervous, too stupid or too controlled, to reveal.

The scientist is Edward Belbruno who was employed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory from 1985 to 1990 as an orbital analyst on such missions as Galileo, Cassini, Mars Observer and others.

See Wikipedia
News of a documentary just made which will feature his UFO sighting…
Belbruno giving a TEDx talk about how he painted his way to the moon:
His website:
Colors of the Universe…/colors-of-the-unive…/stocke
Part documentary – Painting the Way to the Moon:

The UFO incident happened around 11pm on October 2, 1991 on an isolated road near the small town of Wright in the Thunder Basin National Grassland park in north east Wyoming, USA.

The anonymous interview with Belbruno was on Whitley Streiber’s Dreamland show and is on YouTube here:

His name – as part of a full account – was first revealed by Colin Andrews in his book On the Edge of Reality – details here: UK US

In Colin Andrews’ book Belbruno is quoted as saying: “The road was totally blocked by this object. I could not get around it. It seemed clear that whatever it was, it intended to block the road……….I was totally stunned. I had seen nothing remotely like this before. Being a scientist, I was completely at a loss for words. It just sat there -then suddenly lifted off the road”

He concluded: “Since then my view of the world has changed. I had always thought that the human race was in control of its own destiny. My experience indicated that this was not the case. Our reality is far more complex than I ever imagined and is not what it seems at all.”

Belbruno’s recent space studies were featured by Scientific American titled
A New Way to Reach Mars Safely Anytime and on the Cheap:

There’s a lot more to this story which even suggests that Belbruno’s space trajectory research has been influenced by the intelligence behind the UFO.

Check it all out for yourself and forget the mainstream media!

Edward Belbruno (born 1951 in Heidelberg, Germany) is a mathematician whose interests are in celestial mechanics, dynamical systems, dynamical astronomy, and aerospace engineering. Belbruno…

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