MoD Files: Just what do they tell us #1

FOIA Response
FOIA Response Page 1
FOIA Response Page 2
FOIA Response Page 2

Since the revelation that the MoD is still holding onto some classified material relating to UFOs, I’ve been pondering about these files, but also pondering what, in reality, all the previous released files are telling us. It’s important not to get too swept away with imagining what these new policy documents could contain. After all, a policy can be a simple as a paperwork procedure, or who does what in a certain situation. However, they may give us an insight as to how the MoDs response to UFOs changes over time.

Some of the other files have some interesting abbreviations which may need explaining. ADGE stands for Air Defence Ground Environment, whilst ISTAR stands for Intel, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Recon.

The biggest question is WHY these files were overlooked from the previous MoD releases. Nick Pope has been quite off-hand about this, claiming that it is more about bureaucracy than conspiracy, but that is quite a dismissive statement considering that the existence of the files has taken him by surprise and that until we see what is in these files the best policy is to quit the speculation.

So, I thought I would re-visit a selection of some of the previous MoD releases and highlight why they are a bit more important than some would have you believe.

Next post, I’ll discuss The Condign Report.


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