UFOs and the Military: Natural bed-fellows…

UFOs and the Military – Natural bed fellows

The world of UFOs and the military often cross within some of the more famous cases… Roswell, Rendlesham, RAF Corsford,  just to name a few. This website is not only a great place to keep up with the military shenanigans going on, but also has a slightly sceptical take on the Roswell affair…

Home Page:

How Roswell started our love affair with aliens


2 thoughts on “UFOs and the Military: Natural bed-fellows…

  1. I can see nothing new in this article and am surprised you thought it worth highlighting Andy.

    It concludes: ” Since then the stories have been discredited as hoaxes and investigators have found that the evidence supporting the UFO theory is shoddy at best”

    Oh, so that must be the truth then. Do we disregard the years of work and books of hard working investigators on this trivial say-so?

    I don’t think so.

    1. Dave,
      I have highlighted it as a favour to the sites owners who fancied exchanging links to drive a bit of traffic either way. I believe, that a portion of UFO sightings are no more than military tech that “we” have yet to become aware of. Does it explain situations such as Roswell or Rendlesham? No it does not, but what that article highlights is that the general military viewpoint is extremely unaware. It also highlights that those within the military who are ‘in the know’ are very few and far between. There are large portions of those within the UFO community who come out with such outrageous nonsense that at times I think the whole subject will disappear up its own backside. I think the recent articles focusing on the alleged UFO war in the Pacific Ocean involving the USA and China and featured on the Veterans Today website is the other side of the coin. Such nonsense packed with a military slant to try and give it credibility. To be honest, I get a little sick of alleged former military/intelligence officials coming forward with blustering headlines that say nothing other than what we already know.

      However, keeping an eye on military channels, I think, gives an interesting insight not only to developments that impact on UFOlogy but also to the military attitude to the subject. It’s not the greatest article in the world, but such is life…

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