UFOlogy is dead. Allegedly.

A recent article in The Telegraph alleged that UFOlogy was dead. It’s followers, it claims, now believe the truth isn’t out there after all. Now this article was basically a space filler to promote a UFO conference. The conference was organised by theAssociation for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) and its chairman Dave Woods claims that within ten years UFOlogy will be dead in the water. It bases this assessment on a 96% decline in UFO sightings to ASSAP. It also highlights the dwindling number of UFO organisations as an indication that the subject is dying. Further to that Dave Woods claims that conferences are peddling the same old sightings over and over again due to the dearth in new cases.

So let us have a look at this… Until they asked me to speak at their conference (I have since pulled out) I had never heard of ASSAP, and most of the people I know who are interested in UFOs hadn’t heard of them either. Which begs the question, if Joe Bloggs saw a UFO, who would he report it to? Would ASSAP be the first place you’d think of? In fact, if you google ‘who do i report a UFO to’, ASSAP do not feature on the first three pages of results (There were plenty of websites that could facilitate that report so I fail to see how ASSAP is the first port of call of any sighting). I fail to see how ASSAP can really be in the position to make such a bold claim based on this. In fact, there is very little about UFOs on the ASSAP website, and at a casual glance it appears to be more interested in ghosts. I also think that any decline in UFO organisations is more of a reflection on such information being more freely available on the internet.

The reason that such a focus continues on such classic cases, is that these cases are still ongoing. To this day, more information is being made available on cases such as Roswell and Rendlesham Forest. The flip side is that people will not come to a conference to hear about Joe Bloggs seeing a light in the sky.

All subjects ebb and flow, but UFOlogy is hardly dead in the water. Not based on this analysis anyway.


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