The mysterious death of UFOlogists

A news report has been making its way across a few news services featuring the theory that many UFOlogists die in mysterious circumstances. The author, Timothy Hood, claims that the knowledge these people had was too dangerous for the powers-that-be to release into the outside world, and thus they had to be terminated. It is an interesting theory but hardly a new one. Timothy, a former US government advisor, is not the first to spot some statistically significant deaths among the UFO community. There are similar theories for scientists also. I wrote an article for Nexus (France) on the same subject.

For me personally, the danger is that a exceptionally good analysis of who is dying, how they were dying, and what the connection between the victims is required. A good example is the death of the Marconi scientists in the late 1980s. No-one could deny that it was unusual for some many very bizarre deaths in such a group of workers all within the same organisation.

A very good review of mysterious deaths of UFOlogists can be found here :

One of the generic reports on Timothy Hood’s article can be found here:


One thought on “The mysterious death of UFOlogists

  1. Its not just ufologists astronomers too. Whats being covered up? Im no conspiracy theorist but this is too much to be chance alone.

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