Seriously Unexplained

At some point in November 2012 I will be speaking at ‘Seriously Unexplained’ at Warwick University, as soon as I have more details I will ping them at ya. I will have the dubious honour of speaking twice. A quick run-through the FOIA and UFOs and a longer chat about alien abduction. The theme of the conference is how ‘things’ within the UFO phenomena have changed over the last 30 years. When we look back, things do change, there are themes, there are developments that indicate that there is a progression of sorts.

I remember reading reports from the late 1800’s of the UFOs that looked like airships decades before airships had been invented. Then UFOs suddenly developed into typical 1950’s sci-fi style craft, then suddenly we were dealing with military looking black craft, and amorphous blobs of energy. So are ‘they’ developing or is this somehow affected by our perceptions? It is the same within the abduction phenomena – the developments, the changes in personnel involved, the core concepts within the abduction phenomena, there seems to be a progression. Again is that progression literal or is it dependent on our perception?

As ever, the truth seems to hide…


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