Robert Van Broeke, Pat Delgado and Crop Circle Trickery rumbles on…..

According to Suzanne Taylor the crop circle phenomena is under attack! Shock! Horror! And who are these dark forces doing the attacking? Well generally it’s people trying to bring a bit of objectivity to the nonsense. Now Suzanne, who is being sued by researcher Steve Bassett, has a lot of unfounded nonsense to say about far too many people, and sadly Suzanne’s loyal followers do not get to see the other side of the story. So here at this link to my other blog are some good links to people who are  bringing the objectivity that is so desperately needed.


Suzanne is desperately trying to get out of the lawsuit that Steve Bassett is pursuing. She has gone to such lengths as organising an on-line petition, she was due to go onto an internet radio show to discuss the case (which many are seeing as an attempt to pressure or shame Steve into dropping his case, it also brings into mind what legal advice she is receiving as her discussing the alleged details on air is probably not a good approach prior to any court case) but technical problems prevented this and she is using her website and facebook connections to garner support. I think Suzanne should save her energy and her lawyer should utter those four words that resolve most legal arguments – Out of court settlement.


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