Crop Circle Trickery

As the crop circle season begins to get into full swing, crop circle fraudster Robbert Van Der Broeke has pushed his trickery to new levels, now claiming to have captured spirit images of Pat Delgado and Dave Chorley. This story will be pinging around the internet and there will be those taken in by his fakery, but this video nicely uncovers the trickery…


5 thoughts on “Crop Circle Trickery

  1. (I hope you’ll enjoy my sarcastic reply to Suzanne Taylor, a good friend of Nancy Talbott.)

    Suzanne, You have really outdone yourself here! Look at what I just posted on Muertos’ THRIVE-Debunked blog
    I cannot wait to read Anastasio’s reaction. I think you really blew his mind this time!


    Ladies and gentlemen!!! Both Thriveteers and Debunkers alike!!! Are you sitting down? If not, prepare to faint at this awesome and astonishing news!


    Did you hear me? If not, I repeat!


    Yes, THAT Dave Chorley, the one, the only Dave Chorley of the famous Doug and Dave Duo of crop circle pioneers, the same Dave Chorley who died in 1996, fully 16 years ago, has re-appeared just as he looked in 1991 in the electponic recording equipment of amazing Dutch crop circle psychic Robbert van den Broek.

    In my great excitement I must not forget to credit the source of this stupendous news. You know her well on this blog. It is our esteemed crop circle lady herself — the one and only Suzanne Taylor —- who sent me this morning this link to her blog called Conversations.

    Let’s go right to the link she provided. I am now so privileged to report to you all the substance of the conversation that the deceased Dave Chorley had with the amazing Dutch psychic, Robbert van den Broek.

    (Anastasio will of course recognize this website as that belonging to the BLT group of researchers, and the narrator of this report is the T of that group, the esteemed Nancy Talbott.)

    (In the interests of brevity, I will exclude Nancy’s report of the communication from the other deceased man, the late crop circle researcher Pat Delgado, in order to focus on Dave Chorley.)

    Nancy Talbott writes:

    Crop circle enthusiasts who have been following both the phenomenon itself and the continuing bizarre events in the crop-circle-related Robbert van den Broeke case will probably be as startled as I to learn of the latest events in Holland — the manifestation of clear images on video and digital cameras — of two men closely associated with the crop circle phenomenon, but whom we know are deceased: Pat Delgado (the retired English electro-mechanical engineer who became the first UK crop circle researcher after visiting three circles at Cheesefoot Head in the summer of 1981), and Dave Chorley (of the infamous British “Doug & Dave” crop circle hoaxing team).

    Images of these two men first appeared in the early morning hours of April 14, 2012, when Robbert v/d Broeke “felt” their presences and had contact with each telepathically. It was about 1:15 am when Robbert sat down and closed his eyes to focus his attention on their “energetic presence” as his friend Stan set up the video camera and turned it on, in case someone or something should appear.

    Not only did the faces of these two men appear in those first video clips, they appeared again hours later on a digital camera as Robbert and Stan tried a new experiment, one which has provided good documentation of a very strange “time” aberration we have observed indications of previously.


    At first Robbert thought this man was Doug Bower (the still-living other half of the “Doug & Dave” hoaxing team) but as the face became clearer in his “mind’s eye” he recognized the specific consciousness of Dave Chorley. [Robbert knew one of the “Doug & Dave” team had died, but didn’t know which one.] He had seen both Bower and Chorley on a crop circle TV show many years ago and as Dave’s image grew larger Robbert felt a warm, friendly feeling and gratitude from Dave that he was able to “contact” Robbert.

    Chorley’s “consciousness” then communicated his awareness (now that he is “in the afterlife”) of how important it is that people respect the loving force behind the crop circles. Chorley also expressed sincere regret that while he was on earth he had gone to the media and said that crop circles were “just a joke”, and that he and Doug had said they made them all.

    He told Robbert that he knew there were many genuine crop circles — those that occur around Robbert and many in other countries around the world, and also some each year in England. Chorley then added that “angels” and “light beings” are now “providing energy” to many of the man-made circles (particularly those in the UK) because these circles have become spiritual meeting places. He emphasized that people should not be confused if they have mysterious experiences in man-made formations since many of these circles are now also being imbued with this “positive spiritual energy” — the experience of which is the primary purpose of the circle phenomenon.

    Chorley also emphasized that when visitors to crop circles have spiritual or mystical experiences while inside the formations they are actually facilitating the ability of the “energy from the other dimension” to come toward them.


    And now ladies and gentlemen of both the Thriveteer and the Thrive-Debunking universe.

    Of course you demand extraordinary evidence that the faces appearing in Robbert’s cameras are really those of Delgado and Chorley. Well, you want proof? I give you proof. Right here in this YouTube video (06:58)

    (Now please be advised that the person who put together this video is obviously a paid government disinformation agent, a colleague of Muertos and possibly a close relative of Anastasio, who, by attempting to debunk Robbert’s claims, actually vindicates them.)

    I mean, I beg of you, people, please, can you not see the astounding similarity, nay the very identity — of the faces of Pat Delgado and Dave Chorley shown on that video from 1991 with the very same faces that appear on Robbert’s camera in 2012? How could anyone with a mind that is not already closed to transcendental spiritual reality believe that Robbert van den Broek was not visited by the actual discarnate spirit entities of the late Pat Delgado and the late Dave Chorley?

  2. David Chorley was my Father….He was a very intelligent man and an Artist. It is a great shame that people like this continue to abuse his memory in such manner but then the world is full of gullible people as we learnt many years ago….’Vita Brevis Ars Longa’…..Richard David Chorley

    1. I agree with you, Richard. I never had the pleasure of meeting your father, but it does sadden me that these things are happening all for the sake of someones ego.

      1. It is very strange given that in this day and age it is so easy to show the naive trickery at hand in his actual video……What annoys us is that the Corn Circles should long ago have been generally acknowledged as what they are, which is one of the most unique and beautiful expressions of modern British Art…..My Father would have loved to have seen the way the form has evolved into today’s spectacular formations….All the mock-scientific nonsense and stuff like this that has surrounded them for decades has been the main barrier to this as I told dear old COLIN ANDREWS today….

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