FOIA: Cobra Mist

One of the most enigmatic items on the Rendlesham Forest landscape, both literally and metaphorically is the Cobra Mist radar setup. It was originally designed as an Over The Horizon (OTH) radar system but suffered from ‘noise’ from an undetected source and was eventually scrapped. Unofficially the ‘noise’ was coming from a Russian trawler somewhere in the North Sea which was deliberately interfering with the experiments regarding OTH radar. However, the MoD are still very tight lipped about what exactly went on around the Cobra Mist site. Jenny Randles believes that it was a cover for an energy weapon that brought down the UFO in the Rendlesham Incident. I have requested a copy of the following documents:

‘Scientific and technical: OTH detection systems project’ and ‘Orford Ness, OTHR detection systems project’

These documents have been classified for a very long time and are probably overdue for release. I have had some luck with getting other Rendlesham documents de-classified so it’s time to roll the declassification dice again….


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