Exopolitics: The credibility gap

I have not been a huge fan of the Exopolitics movement. There are some within the movement who do talk some sense, but the overwhelming majority I find to be away with the fairy’s. Below is a link to a claim by one of Exopolitics main men, Alfred Webre, who is reporting that Barack Obama actually travelled to Mars. Now this is the issue that I have with UFOlogy at the moment,  the huge credibility gap that is opening up within the subject. Don’t get me wrong, there have always been those who were a little ‘out there’ but this is just ridiculous.

Many within UFOlogy constantly discuss issues around why the general public are not ‘awake’ to these subjects, or are being mis-informed etc etc Well, if you are publishing articles that without any evidence whatsoever are so incredulous, most people will ignore it. Most people will view the subject as not worthy of their interest. Maybe I’m showing my age (all of 41 years), but there was a time when UFOlogy was about good investigations, evidence, thought out logic. Now it seems to be about the opposite. Anyway, read on about Obama and his journey to Mars



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