Alien Abductee Leah Haley: It’s still rumbling on…

Since Leah Haley came forth with her revelations that her much publicised experiences did not in fact happen in the manner that she believed they did, many, many people have had their noses put out of joint. It is easy to understand why, Leah has had quite a celebrity-like status amongst the UFO community, so she had become something of a spokepersaon or voice for the abductee community. Now, her comments are hopefully making abductees/researchers realise that once you have a mouthpiece, you can sometimes be held hostage to that mouthpieces’ utterings.

It hasn’t been a good time recently for the abduction phenomena. The Emma Woods scandal, Budd Hopkins’ ex-wife making some serious allegations, the death of Budd Hopkins and now Leah Haley.  She won’t be last to come forward and refute her claims…


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