Alien Abductee, Leah Haley, claims it doesn’t happen.

This is quite an interesting article on a few levels. As you will see, Leah was quite a ‘famous’ abductee but now believes she was the un-willing subject of mind control experiments and technology. One interesting points, which mirrors my own, is the blind acceptance on the part of most abductees. That is not to say I doubt what they tell me, I just believe that most researchers and therapists suffer from confirmation bias or data bias in how they conduct their research.

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3 thoughts on “Alien Abductee, Leah Haley, claims it doesn’t happen.

  1. I stumbled across a quote from the author, Leah A. Haley-Ann Davenport on Face Book. I have read and studied all of Haley’s books so I followed the URLs, read her interview and articles, and discovered the author has indeed retracted her alien abduction encounters.

    Haley’s book “Lost…Key” was a “sensation” on the UFO scene when it was published in 1993. Buttressed by the Gulf Breeze sighting craze and some of the more naïve personalities in the area, especially conference promoters, Leah became the darling of the UFO abduction movement.

    Haley writes that she was on-board a UFO when it was “shot down” by the U.S. military (Eglin AFB); perhaps the wildest and most far-fetched claim to ever come out of abduction lore. Because of my work and the geographic area I cover, I’ve been able to watch this case unfold and disintegrate over the past (nearly) two decades, and to be honest, I’m not surprised.

    What is most depressing about what Haley is doing, is while she has the right to change her mind, the manner in which she is handling this could not be more reprehensible. She continues to sell her pro alien books (even on her own Web site at Greenleaf publications) while at the same time denying any alien abductions ever occurred to her. This is an affront to the many other residents of Gulf Breeze, who not only saw the same or a very similar craft hovering in their skies, but experienced “real” abductions in their own lives. Their craft was not the UFO Haley was on-board for certain: We now know Leah Haley’s “UFO” never existed.

    There are people referenced in her books and others who were totally ignored, who gave Leah Haley support and a helping hand when she needed it most. We can only imagine what they must be thinking now that Haley says alien abductions never happened to her. How could they have been so easily fooled?

    Today, Haley wishes everyone to believe it was all government backed mind control. No doubt she has another book in the works. Don’t be fooled, and don’t nourish the author with the attention she so desperately thrives upon.

    Everyone should contact Leah Haley and ask her why she is perpetuating this lie by continuing to make a profit off of something she claims never happened.

    1. I do agree with your points: IF she is now denying her experiences then she must realise all that she has published is ultimately a lie, and as you rightly point out is profiting from that lie. Sadly, she will get plenty of publicity if or when her ‘it was all mind control’ book is published. Sadly, most abduction experiencers will now be told that their experiences were mind control, that is the power such recognised authors have. Of course, the proof of the use of mind control is lacking, but I am sure that won’t stop her…

  2. What a most pathetic person. She is selling out. I only accepted my own experience based on what Haley explained. I couldn’t find any other explanation. Shame on her for selling out to the government.

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