Abduction: Not as standardised as you are led to believe…

The recent death of Budd Hopkins and Charles Hickson, the claims of Budd’s ex-wife and the whole Emma Woods debacle has made me think a lot about the whole abduction scenario. It was Hickson’s death that made me revisit his experience and what struck me was how weird it actually was. Not just in what he claimed happened, but how different it was to what we now take as a ‘typical’ abduction experience. (If being abducted by aliens could ever be considered ‘typical’). Over time we have almost accepted alien abduction as having a standardised template, almost as if there is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

It wasn’t always this way, previously abductions were carried out by a whole range of weird and wonderful beings. The SOP of capture, probe and a chat was still fairly typical, but the aliens involved were very, very different. Here in the United Kingdom, the majority of abductions were carried out by tall, blonde haired, Nordic looking beings. These abductors were carrying out their abductions in the 50’s, 60’s,70’s and then something changed. During this time, abductions by Greys were few and far between. Suddenly, something changed, and the Greys were more common place whilst the Nordics were seldom seen.

The claim that the SOP never changes and is so common between all abductees is usually trotted out as a reason why abduction is a genuine phenomena, but this confirmation bias is a huge chink in the subjects armour. Not all experiences are the same, and you do have to question why you are being told that.


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