Col. Halt Responds to Col. Conrad’s claims

The timing of Conrad’s comments is curious, considering the UK is about to release more documents this week. Halt’s response is as follows, expect this to run for a while yet:


I will have to assume you’re looking to print the truth, not “sell” a sensational story. Ted Conrad is either having memory problems, has his
head in the sand or continuing the cover up. Even his son has admitted to family talk substantiating the incident. Let’s start with his
investigation. I interviewed the witnesses, collected their statements (I still have them) and then took the witnesses to Conrad to tell their
account. I took Conrad and his family to the site in the forest and showed him the depressions.

When I talked with Gordon Williams neither he nor Conrad wanted their name mentioned with the incident. Thus, I was directed to get with Don Moreland (RAF) and see what he wanted as it was to become a British affair. I did so and he asked for a memo. I wrote it and it was typed by Conrad’s secretary. Conrad read it, showed it to Williams and both approved. It was never meant for public dissemination.

Conrad has his chronology mixed up but that’s understandable. Thru the years Conrad has made conflicting statements about the events. First he
stated he never went out to look in the sky. Then stated he never saw anything. Apparently he doesn’t remember talking to me on his radio [about
seeing a UFO sending down beams of light onto the base].

He and you need to read Robert Hastings book “UFO’s and Nukes”. Hastings has gotten confirmation from the Air Traffic Controllers on duty that saw the object flash by and go into the forest and even observed it on their scope, He’s gotten statements from SPs as well as a Communications man
working in the WSA stating their sightings. He’s even dug up the RAF Controller that picked up something on his scope.

Remind Conrad of his article in the OMNI Magazine dated March 1983. It’s on page 115 and titled UFO Update. In the article he describes the first
incident in detail and concludes “those lads saw something, but I don’t know what it was”. Now he’s smearing those involved. It’s pretty clear there was a very intense confrontation with something in the forest. Does Conrad want to talk about how the airmen were then subjected to mind
control efforts using drugs and hypnosis by British and American authorities? Yes, Burroughs and Penniston have issues that relate to the events. Who wouldn’t! A Wannabe was even drug into the event and messed with. (I think he must mean ‘dragged into the event- DH)  There are a lot more details substantiating the event but I’m not going to bore you.

I suppose having to look for details or the truth is less important than the “story”. It’s sad but I’ve come to understand how the main stream
press works. Truth gives way to the “Story”. Prove me wrong!


One thought on “Col. Halt Responds to Col. Conrad’s claims

  1. Response to Col. Halt: Robert Hastings is a well-known liar and a fraud, so using anything he says as a resource for such unsubstantiated claims as your little UFO is a step backwards, and does little for anybody’s credibility. Since you guys are all so willing to back each other’s claims even as you change the details of your stories, or write a new affidavit every time you decide to change the facts that have been so handily demolished, I don’t suppose any of that matters. You’ll continue to say whatever you can sell, the world will continue to spin, and smart men and women all over the world will wonder why their flakes just sit in the bowl while others hold press conferences…

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