UFO over Brazil – Probable Hoax

This video has been revealed to be a hoax

The images have been analyzed by researcher Claudeir Covo, and he, as well as others, concur the UFO was a home-made contraption with LEDs, suspended by a helium balloon or a large

The author, allegedly a retired mechanic, has already come forward, claiming it was indeed a kite, supporting a circular contraption of LEDs powered by a cell phone battery, and that he
has been trying for several months now – indeed there were previous sightings. But he is yet to present all the details of how he did the feat.

His reluctance to present all the details,including his name, is according to his words due to the fact he receives a pension for disability, and fears the enormous reaction to his toy would
cause him problems with that.

No local researcher interpreted the images as something anomalous, it`s only the details of how and exactly who created it that are still to be fully revealed.


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