UFO on the sea floor?

The Daily Mail has printed this article the other day, floating the possibility that there is a crashed UFO on the sea floor




However, the discoverer of this anomaly has been widely quoted as saying:

“I feel that I have to tell I’m being quoted wrongly in the article. We have never said that it is a UFO or anything extraterrestrial. People are free to have their own opinion though. Me my self have not a clue what it is but it looks a bit odd. The real size of the circle shaped anomaly is 180 ft (60 meters) across and not just 60 ft, that is one of the reasons why we found it being a bit strange.


“Thanks for listening” – Peter Lindberg, Stockholm, Sweden, 1/8/2011 18:24

Well, when it comes to the UK media, the phrase ‘Never let the facts get in the way of a good story’ is always very apt.


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