MoD releases more UFO documents…

The MoD has released the largest batch of UFO related documents under its Freedom of Information Act programme. Now, most know my sceptical take on the MoDs motivations and the information being released. This is based on the MoD continually adding more to the smokescreen when the opportunity arises.

Now, what is interesting about this release is the ‘missing’ Rendlesham documents. A quantity of documents relating to the Rendlesham incident are missing, some are reporting they have been destroyed. It never ceases to amaze me who they can keep a straight face when announcing this stuff.

Anyway, the ‘highlight’ guide is a good place to start as it tells you where the more interesting information is as there are a lot of documents to wade through. This guide can be found here:

The documents themselves are available free for one month only, after that you’ll have to pay (Don’t get me started on that one!) The documents can be downloaded from here:


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