Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs scandal rumbles on…

Carol Rainey, former wife of Budd Hopkins, has produced a very damning article about Hopkins and David Jacobs practises regarding alien abduction. As a psychotherapist myself I have long stated the dangers of unqualified hypnotists trying to assist experiencers. However, one thing to remember here, Sigmund Freud’s theories and practises are pretty much considered ‘old-hat’ and generally scorned by many therapists. At the time Freud was a pioneer, he had no peer’s to bounce ideas off, and despite his shortcomings, he helped build the platform that therapy sits on today. It’s the same for Hopkins and Jacobs, while not everyone may agree with their techniques or theories, they too are pioneers in uncharted territories. We need more therapists to get involved to move this subject further and provide quality support for these experiencers.

Rainey’s article is here: http://www.paratopia.net/paratopia_magazine/mag_preview_final.pdf

And a response from Jacobs is here: http://www.ufoabduction.com/defamationcampaign.htm


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