Justice for the Bentwaters 81st Security Police at Rendlesham Forest 1980

Well the debunking is still going on in regards to what is surely one of the most important cases in UFOlogy. With the BBC recently producing what has to be the most pathetic attempt at discrediting the incident ever. So for those of you with facebook accounts the campaign to get these guys a little justice is here


Also for those of you who want to get more background information on the incident I would recommend…



2 thoughts on “Justice for the Bentwaters 81st Security Police at Rendlesham Forest 1980

  1. A friend of mine, now deceased, remembered how his whole family would always be asked round to all the balls, dinners, Xmas parties, always saw the New Year in, all the socials, involving USAF Bentwaters personnel, whom they had become friendly with during their stay in a street where they were the only civilian family, all the rest were military personnel employed at the base…..
    From 1970 til 1976 the family stayed at the base, in some lane sandwiched between military families, the family of Ron Adams, and they carried on going to the same amount of socials after they flitted to London in 1976……but from the date that is emblazoned upon all our memories, the date of the USAF Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest mysteriousness late December 1980, with no explanation whatsoever, those invitations all immediately ceased. The Adams family simply never heard again from USAF Bentwaters personnel, not ever, without warning. “So I tend to think something big did happen roundabout that date…” Ron would say.
    When people say, mysterious things are still going on there, I answer, “……but something bigger than usual must have happened on the date of the 27th of December 1980, it sticks out in a lot of people’s minds, even in terms of ufos and aliens it was bigger than usual….I plump for some kind of conference, for want of a better word, some sort of effort to pass the peace pipe round in a manner of speaking…….and it didn’t work out…..”

  2. Also, each time I click on the facebook group you supply above, I do not get put through to that page, which I do with every other group I’ve joined in sympathy.
    Is that political interference?

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