UFO Disclosure – Now ‘Uncertain’

In a further message, the higher echelons of the Exopolitics movement have sent out further messages that UFO disclosure is now ‘uncertain’. In an email yesterday, Alfred Lambremont Webre, pointed to the troop surge in Afghanistan and the closure of the MoDs UFO desk as evidence that the US and UK governments were now unlikely to be saying anything, anytime soon.

As I have said for a long time now: Disclosure is not going to happen. The situation is too complex for the Governments of this world to make such an announcement. Once you acknowledge the existence of ETs you have to start discussing alien abductions, you have to start opening all sorts of Pandora’s boxes, you have to look at the huge amount of evidence that the Air Force/RAF have rubbished. You have to start dealing with questions about Area 51, crashed disks, reverse engineered technology, the list goes on and on. This subject is so interlinked with many others that to acknowledge one will mean you have to acknowledge the others. Thats’s where it will get sticky.

We have a global governance that is not about truth, is not about being open and honest, is not about a better humanity and is not about developing a better planet. It is governance based around greed, lies and oppression. This governance has too much at stake to acknowledge the existence of ETs.


One thought on “UFO Disclosure – Now ‘Uncertain’

  1. I have contacted colin-andrews about my close-encounters. three on blogsite! I have over the years contacted many UFO groups/organisations. Though I do believe Bufora to be a Red-herring! I experienced/encountered these alien-craft at twenty-feet and eighty-feet distances. I have also experienced many supernatural/other world events, talking to Lemurians and also whilst in sleeping-state having “further” UFO encounters! I am definitely not materialisitc nor a conformist in any Political/Scientific/Religeous view. Society does not impress me! I have for many years been available for anykind of test to prove validity of my encounters! My Book “Elder-Tapes” on Google-books free to download might be the best way to enlighten the minds of many stagnant humans! It is written from experiences and dream states. finally I believe an undersea race will show itself in 20141

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