MoD closes UFO desk continued…

According to The Times today, the MoD has saved the princely sum of £44,000 by closing down its UFO ‘investigations’. We must remember that they never investigated a single case, so the money saved is purely in relation to administrative costs as the one guy who mans this desk has been re-deployed elsewhere. But in reality it is another chapter in the story of the MoD distancing itself from anything UFO related and is in fact, in my humble opinion, part of the game of distraction. Firstly we had ALL the UFO files being released via the National Archive. This was basically ‘don’t come to us, go look in the Archive’. Then we had Dr Clarke’s book which basically said ‘interesting, but nothing to note’. Now, the UFO desk is closed, so in effect the MoD has nothing to do with UFOs at all.

This the MoD locking down the whole subject as far as they are concerned. Now £44,000 is a drop in the ocean when the MoD’s budget is concerned, we could look at the fact that over £100 million has been spent on private advisors to the Treasury in the financial debacle as a sign that money really isn’t an issue to the Government. No, this is the MoD and the Government distancing themselves from the subject, because no matter what starts flying through the sky today, no-one is involved within the Government or MoD. (I have pontificated on the hidden departments but they don’t count because they technically do not exist)

Money isn’t the issue. It doesn’t undermine what is contained in these files. So it begs the question: Why?


One thought on “MoD closes UFO desk continued…

  1. there would appear to be a level of containment here. Not just the Dumbs (deep underground bases) but the old expression from an Proff Manson Valentine ( whom intriqueingly was also bumped off before blowing the whistle) He mentioned the LMs and SMs, whom to my knowledge represent the “Lunar and “Subterranean Bases occupied by Alien-species. Some have co-operated with the US military and some have “Created dimensional gateways beneath our earth. Obviously the approaching “Gravitational-shift around 2012 will affect “their” travel-mode. And because of this the LMs and SMs are “showing” their ships more frequently, the Earths Magnetic-belt becoming unstable , changing polarization and ionisation fields! Thus making their craft more “visible”! There has to be a point where the US/Britain/Russia? and other states can no longer hide their concealment on earth. Besides, a threat of Outside-forces to attack our planet is becoming more imminent!

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