MoD closes UFO ‘hotline’

Well the greatest paper-shuffling department of all time has finally closed. The ‘department’ that dealt with UFO sightings has been closed under new rationalisations imposed by the MoD. In these tough economic times the MoD has felt it cannot justify spending money on cataloging UFO reports etc

Well I can agree here because the department has never officially investigated a UFO sighting, it simply serves as a large repository for UFO reports submitted by the public. We shouldn’t feel sad. Anyone who has really studied the actions of this ‘department’ will soon realise it was only a smokescreen. The real UFO action is buried deep within the MoD somewhere.  All the files are in the process of being realeased, they will tell us nothing anyway, so it is no great loss.

The hunt for the real UFO mystery/files within the MoD continues, the MoDs photocopying bill has just shrunk, that’s all.


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