UFO Disclosure: The Vatican and moving the goal posts

Much has been made of the Vaticans recent conference which touched on a few ET related areas. While this is interesting it is nothing new. The Vatican has been researching and funding researching into ETs existence since the late 1980’s. After all, the Vatican has its own observatory and has made very positive noises on searching for ET for a few decades now. While I can see the direction this conference takes the Disclosure crew, it is worth noting that Catholicism only makes up part of global religion and while being the largest Christian church (around 1 billion) we can not take it that one world religion will play a sole part in any Disclosure.  As with the assumption that the US President at the time will make a global announcement on ET existence, it makes it very Western, very First World and very Christian. Again, why are we looking to these institutions who have been covering up the facts since it all started?

Again, the Disclosure movement have moved the goal-posts. Many commentators within the movement were predicting  a December ’09 announcement. There was even a November ’09 date which has been and gone. But now the Exopolitics movement have issued a message via their Facebook group saying the window of opportunity has been extended as far as the US mid-term elections next November. Thank goodness for that moveable deadline.

This continual process of moving the goalposts does no-one any good, it just dents the reputations of the Disclosure/Exopolitics movement and ridicules UFOlogy as a whole.


2 thoughts on “UFO Disclosure: The Vatican and moving the goal posts

  1. Totally agree, it is disruptive and not helpful to give false hope to the many thousands of followers of disclosure. It makes for discontent and alarm and despondency every time a given date elapses. You can only have false hope for so long, before followers will turn away in disgust, or just sorrow

    1. I think if you are expecting the Government to suddenly hold up its hands and come clean you will be in for a long wait. I think an alternative approach is sorely needed.

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