Berwyn Mountains UFO: The cover-up continues…

This is a copy of an email sent out by Scott of the Conwy UFO Group who has tirelessly researched this case. A case that many are still trying to cover-up, as this email illustrates…


Dear UFO Enthusiast,
As you will know, I have for some time now been researching the Berwyn Mountain UFO event of January 23rd 1974. As a result of my approach to investigating which is in some cases quite unorthodox, I have attracted the attention of certain undesirable elements who seem hell bent on permiting current anti-Berwyn ‘conclusions’ to circulate and be promoted as fact.
This week’s edition of the North Wales newspaper The Denbighshire Free Press (Corwen, Bala and Llangollen edition), carries a letter regarding the apparent Ministry of Defence’s ultimate commissioning of the TV documentary series Britain’s Closest UFO Encounters which was aired on UK TV in July 2008.
Most reading this will know, that I was filmed and paid for such filming, but all my input was erased. It seems that was the intention and the whole thing was staged to try and discover just what certain interested parties like myself actually knew and what we had to support the events as genuine UFO cases.
The Denbighshire Free Press has been very good of late, having a few months ago just changing its mind out the blue so to speak and allowing publication of my letters where before, all were blocked. Similarly, the blocking of my IP address on several newspapers was lifted during the same week.
Despite the support the newspaper editor is currently giving to me, I must point out that I am in part sending out this email, which I respectfully ask for you to pass on to your contacts to give it the widest circulation possible, because I have been approached by a group of people local to the Llandrillo and Bala area of North Wales who have for some time been concerned about the incorrect information which appears to have been deliberately constructed as such, about them, by Andy Roberts, in his debunking tome on the Berwyn case.
It has been mooted before about legal action and I have been invited to a meeting to discuss my findings, and how I can demonstrate the ‘errors’ in Mr Roberts’ write up. Despite claiming he interviewed many locals and built his work up around their claims and other evidence contained in documents and literature elsewhere, no local involved had ever seen the results of his ‘investigation’ until I made sure they did.
The purpose of the meeting to which I’ve been invited is for me to show how Mr Roberts has concocted his conclusions and if the same is then repeated in his forthcoming book on the Berwyn event, then he will more than likely be sued by a consortium of locals.
Mr Roberts has recently advertised in several North Wales newspapers for persons to come forward. Whether or not this has happened, I do not know. But it seems pretty pointless if anything said is twisted to create a debunking picture.
Mr Roberts has often stated that his conclusions are drawn from all the available evidence, but that is not the case, as only one other invesigator that I am aware of, has secured documents and testimony in Welsh. This font of evidence has been ignored by so-called investigators who have had nothing but contempt for the locals whoese first language is Welsh. They have had such a low opinion of them and their native tongue that their evidence in Welsh has been totally ignored. Thankfully, snobs in the likes of the MoD also ignored such, so their clean up operations are incomplete. As for UFO investigators claiming their results are based on ALL the available evidence, what can I say?
Anyone accessing the Denbighshire Free Press this week should note that despite it being given the honour of Letter of the Week, certain pertinant details were still edited out. These were references to the availability of evidence in Welsh and my ongoing dealings with the Defence Advisory Notice Secretary within the Ministry of Defence plus, details regarding my invitation to speak at a certain conference in 2010 on the resistence I’ve encountered from the likes of North Wales Police, the MoD and even what is now the British Geological Survey.
So, watch this space. The forthcoming months should prove quite interesting.
In conclusion and this is just the tip of the ice-berg so to speak, for anyone who has read the anti-Berwyn stuff by Mr Roberts, a few facts which were twisted to create a debunking picture.
1) Mrs Evans the primary witness alongwith two of her daughters saw the landed UFO (there was no crash to speak of) on the slopes of Cader Berwyn Mountain in the Berwyn Mountain range.
2) The Police search took place on the night of the UFO landing above Llandrillo on the slopes of Cader Bronwen.
Andy Roberts moved the Police search some four miles to tie in with the object observed by the Evans’.
3) Hunters with a makeshift lamp and guns left the slopes of Cader Bronwen just after 9pm as their battery was dead. They were never on Cader Berwyn nor, did they ever meet with and speak to Police. That was a fabrication. Whatever the Evans’ saw was not a hunter’s or as Mr Roberts called them Poacher’s lamp.
4) Mrs Evans’ ‘fairy lights’ near the object was not Police torches from a foot search. The Police did not leave the commandeered vehicle belonging to the teenage farmer driving them around. No torches were ever used. Mr Roberts omitted the bit about the party all seeing a glow from the UFO for a few seconds – that is recorded in Police documents.
5) The locals were not stupid and had not confused dates. There was no 1972 air crash on the Range. That was a fabrication. The 1982 military air crash was not a Harrier carrying top secret hardware – to justify the intense activity – it was a trainer plane piloted by a lone student.
I have the full details of the crash investigation, including compensation payments to three landowners for damage and inconvenience during the text book clean up operation. Only four aircraft were lost in 1972 in North Wales, three in Anglesey and one near Llanbedr airfield on the west coast.
The list goes on.
I’ll keep you updated. Please circulate this.
Thank you. Diolch yn fawr.
Scott L. Felton.
Conwy UFO Group, North Wales, UK.


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