Rendlesham Forest – Latest Theory

Thaks to Scott of the Conywy UFO Group for this…

As I’ve mentioned to others, the guy claiming responsibility is in my opinion, a liar or he’s been put up to this.
Rendlesham and Woodbridge, two active bases at the height of the Cold War, probably storing nuclear missiles (American soil/British consent), ignoring the possibility of a theoretical IRA attack – the vehicle was loaded with fertiliser, a major component of Republican bombs alongside SEMTEX when the Provos could get it – is inconceivable.
Further to that, what of the charred vehicle shell. Where was it, where did it go etc? At the time, this would/should have been treated as a failed IRA attack or recovery of components hidden in the woodlands heading to bomb factories. But nothing reported at the time.
This story has so many holes it is sinking, fast.
The guy is also admitting involvement in a crime. Will the Police now be investigating this admission to substantiate the claims? After all, someone must have lost a load of fertiliser at the time. Was such a theft reported? Theft of large amounts of fertiliser usually points to one thing – bombs. I cannot see how this was ignored if it happened.
You judge for yourself.”

For those that say there is a campaign to bring the reality of UFO/ETs in the public consciousness this shows there are forces continuing to smear and ridicule the subject, ensuring it stays a ‘fringe’ topic in the mind of the public.

Of course this new theory suddenly floating to the surface would not be an attempt to semar the incident ahead of the proposed ‘Back to Bentwaters 2010’ reunion of all the major witnesses. Surely not?


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