Soil analysis and investigations of the airwaves

In the release of the MoDs UFO reports, there is very little of value. As previously stated it is no more than a collection of sightings and various other bits and pieces. Occasionally there are some pages that raise a few questions, and two interesting questions appear in file defe-31-180. Firstly, a woman has sent in some soil for analysis (page 203 in the file), she also witnessed a UFO according to the note in the file. We can therefore assume she saw a UFO close to the ground or landed and sent a soil sample in. The MoD, as highlighted in the note, do not even know whether they have responded. (I would have thought looking through the file would answer that question – but obviously that would be too simple). So where did this soil sample go to? It has disappeared into the evidence black hole, never to be seen again. I can assume that it has been sent off to be analysed, and we will not hear of it again otherwise the results would be in the file. It was the same with the RAF Harrier’s photographed with a large diamond shaped object. The pictures simply ‘disappeared’. I believe this is more evidence of the department within the department. (See previous blogs – ad naseum).

Meanwhile on page 201 of the same file, a newly recruited DI is relaxing in a hotel room when he begins to listen to the Nicky Campbell show on Radio 1, (the show was broadcast 19th June 1991), and is amazed to hear an interview with someone (who it is, is edited out under Section 40 of the FOIA) who explains that:

1) The interviewee was aware that alien craft had been visiting Earth and that top officials in Whitehall were aware of this and it was “[the] most sensitive area of UK intelligence of all time”

2) Sources made him [the interviewee] aware of MoD Intelligence based in Northumberland Avenue, using Room 801 to work on this topic (This is a confirmed fact that I have had discovered via the FOIA)

 3) There had been reverse engineering of downed UFO craft according to an ex-NASA physicist.

4) There was video footage of them [UFOs] in the Nevada desert.

5) The USA have a Black Budget to deal with the situation. Ex-president George Bush (senior) had seen these craft

Our man in the MoD is new to DI (defence intelligence) but feels this is all important information and make detailed notes, decides not to ring this in, but takes a taxi (which he claims he may put on his expenses) to somewhere (not revealed in his report) and reports his findings to a Squadron Leader [name edited under Section 40], who is “unconcerned” and will pass it to the day shift.

The following page has a statement in response to the report: “I think it would be prudent to obtain a transcript of the interview in order to verify/correct the foregoing for accuracy. I guess then its down to considering whether there is a justification for the security services to take the matter further in regards to what has been broadcast”.

Excuse me? I thought the MoD/DI55 all thought this UFO stuff was just a load of nonsense, not of defence significance? Yet something obviously peaked this newbies interest, and somebody somewhere decided to double check exactly what has been said and if necessary get the security services to investigate.

Funnily enough the piece of paper that responds to the report has no heading, no contact details, no department number. Nothing other than the text. Transparent government? Don’t make me laugh. What is also interesting is the “verify/correct the forgoing for accuracy”. How can you check all these claims for “accuracy”? How do you “correct” these claims? If you look at the files released by the MoD, they do contain a lot of information culled from the media, how this got into these files is not always clear. For example, within file defe-31-181 there is a copy of the MUFON symposium featuring a reappraisal of the Area 51 claims made by Bob Lazarr. There are press articles about the secret plane ‘Aurora’. But this report is evidential that the MoD do take an interest in anything broadcast about the UFO phenomena. And if the UFO Desk are doing it, you can bet the hidden UFO department does the same. What is also interesting is the correct information about Room 801 in Northumberland Avenue (in the Metropole Building) being the central clearing house for UFO information within Whitehall. I am unsure that back in 1991 whether this was common knowledge within the UFO field. But the person being interviewed obviously had access to some inside information.


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