UFOs and Free Clogs

As we may or may not be aware, the majority of the information in the recently released MoD UFO files is just a vast collection of sightings made by the general public. Generally it makes for uninteresting reading. Occasionally you may come across an interesting little item such as the Harrier jets and UFO picture or this little gem from file ‘defe-31-180’ page 157.


A UFOlogist has requested information from the MoD about an incident where six RAF Tornado jets were overtaken by a UFO while on exercise in Germany on 5th November 1990. The exercise was being controlled by Dutch radar. An internal document reads as follows:



“1. In the light of our recent meeting, the points raised and discussed, I believe any further information made available to [edited under Section 40] would only add fuel to the fire.”


So basically the MoD are going to limit the information given as they feel it may, as they put it, add fuel to the fire. Then:


“2. Clearly the incident happened, and clearly the pilots saw what they believe (with hindsight) to be a stealth aircraft. I doubt very much if the United States or even the Soviet Air Force (if they were flying) would admit to anything”


Actually the ‘official’ story was the pilots witnessed re-entry burn-up of a Soviet satellite. Easy mistake to make I am sure. Then they finish off with:


“3. I therefore agree with GE 3 Wg Cdr [edited under Section 40] the only way ahead for the good [edited under Section40] is probably with the Dutch MoD. However, I am sure that our Dutch allies will not be sending us any free clogs for some time to come of we add our blessing to them being introduced semi-officially to one of our regular UFO problems.”


I like the free clogs bit, nothing like a little racial generalisation, but I particularly enjoy the last bit, the UFOlogist being branded one of their ‘regular UFO problems’.


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