EBE Sightings in Argentina

Another EBE/UFO Sighting in Argentina

Glowing Little Man” Spreads Panic in Salta

Edited by Albert S. Rosales

The following apparent UFO/alien sighting took place at about 9:04 am on 21 May 2009 in Salta, Argentina.

Residents of the town of San Carlos now claim seeing a strange being, standing some 40 cm tall, with a magnetic field that kept people from approaching it.

Two people, mechanic Walter Lopez and Omar Ferlatti, informed police about the sighting of the diminutive creature [apparent alien] whom they described in detail: the being was small, glowing and wore pants. It appeared it be protected by a magnetic field.

This incident increased the collective fear of the residents of this community of the Valles Chalchaquies even further. In recent days, a luminous object was seen in the vicinity of their town.

“Kids aren’t going out at night out of fear of the strange creature and the UFO,” claimed a resident of San Carlos in a statement to the Copenoa news agency.

Ferlatti and Lopez’s account dovetails with the one given by a shepherdess on the hills, who was startled by the strange visitor.

Police have stated that both stories coincide and that local residents are indeed frightened. “It hasn’t been seen again. It would be good for it to return, to ascertain that the events were indeed as described,” said deputy sheriff Luis Comenares. Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Mario Luis Bracamonte of C.O.R — Circulo Ovnilogico Riocuartense)

The Truth Hides would like to thank Scott Corrales for the report


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