When a missing picture paints a thousand words: UFOs and Harrier Jets photographed together…

Missing UFO pictures: When I started using the FOIA to annoy the MoD I quickly realised there was a bit of mileage asking about pictures that had been submitted by the public or captured by members of the armed forces. I was not wrong. They sent me four pictures based on the FOIA request that I sent. These four pictures have yet to be released among all the documents the MoD has been releasing.  I realise they may surface over the next few releases, but I doubt it. This is a very staged exercise in trying to convince the public that the MoD has very little in its files of any value. It also shows that the real information is held very securely elsewhere.


Then I noticed that in released file ‘defe-31-179’, page 157, there is a letter preparing the ‘defensive lines’ that the MoD is to take in regards to some photographs that are being sent to the Scottish Daily Press (this is back in 1990). According to the letter there is a large diamond shaped object with two Harrier jets also in the photo (photographed near the A9 at Clavine, Scotland). Now amazingly these photos were never printed by the Scottish Daily Press and the story never reached the public domain according to the additional notes in the file. But what is more amazing is that despite the negatives being studied by the relevant personnel in the MoD no copies of the photo’s were kept and no copies of the negatives were kept by the MoD. In these files released by the MoD are kept all the ramblings of ‘The Office of Christ’ trying to prove that God was an astronaut and Daily Mail articles about crop circles, yet seven photographs/negatives that depict a large diamond shaped UFO with Harrier jets in attendance are not duplicated? Photo’s submitted to the MoD by BUFORA showing some amorphous blob over the rooftops were kept, but not these astounding images. Call me suspicious…


Also, the letter states that according to the MoD, no Harriers were operational in the area at the time. Which goes back to my long-standing point that there are shadow departments within the Government involved in the UFO cover-up, otherwise how could Harriers be operational and the MoD have no awareness of this fact?


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